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Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant so when the chance to review a Bravado maternity/nursing bra came up, I was keen to say the least. I have been on the search for a good maternity bra that will above all be comfortable whilst supporting and growing with me throughout pregnancy and breast feeding.

I was sent the Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra in Black to review, I looked at the sizing chart on the website which was easy to follow to select my size. The bra is flexi fit, so comes in Small, Medium, Large and XL rather than the usual chest circumference and cup size.

The bra arrived packaged in a plastic box-not my favourite kind of packaging due to the environmental impact but none the less it was presented well.

My initial thoughts on handling the bra was how soft the fabric is and the good quality and thickness of the material. I was hopeful about the comfort from the offset.

The bra is overhead/pull-on style which as a big breasted lady I am sceptical of, I usually wear a more structured underwired full cup bra, but I am so sensitive I cannot tolerate these at the moment. When I have tried other pull on bras from different brands they have provided very little support, I was expecting much the same, how wrong I was-the bra fit beautifully, the soft stretchy band was substantial and comfortable, my breasts felt supported and nicely shaped, this bra is so flattering, it made my boobs look great rather than the usual unattractive mummy bras which all seem to result in a uni-boob.  The absence of the back fastening added to the comfort. The straps can be adjusted to fit.

The design allows for a pull down of the cup for easy access to the breast for feeding much easier than faffing around with clips whilst handling a newborn.

I really wish I knew about this bra with my first pregnancy, the buttery fabric feels so soft against my skin, the striped patterned lining is a lovely touch. It’s nice to forget I am wearing a bra rather than be in a hurry to take it off as soon as I get through the door! This makes it a great all day bra, it could also be worn at nighttime for additional support without hesitation.

The bra washes at 30 degrees, it air dried quickly and maintained its softness and kept its shape.

There are just 3 colours available in this style, black, lipstick and dusted peony, both pinks are very pretty, I would love to see more options available.

The Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra currently retails at £26 which is a fair price, I will definitely be purchasing a couple more Bravado bras to see me through this pregnancy. Looking at their website there are a number of pretty but practical designs to choose from but then again I may just go for the ballet bra in the other colours as I can’t imagine comfort and convenience better than this.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26.00

This product can be purchased from Bravado here.

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