My Beanies Stash Review


Reviewed by Elly Sax

Christmas is coming and that means late nights wrapping gifts, early mornings with children off school and maybe over indulging slightly in the alcohol department. All of these are going to require a caffeine hit and If you are looking for a personal treat, or, a gift to get the coffee lover in your life then Beanies have the answer. What is really great is that you can opt for one of the pre mixed stashes, or, you can select your very own combination of 9 flavours. I was sent a pre selected box including some limited edition flavours especially for the festive season.

A selection of 9 flavours of instant coffee, each with a hint of Christmas to get you in the spirit, I was sold. I really enjoy coffee, I like black coffee first thing in the morning, followed by a milky, sweet coffee mid morning and maybe another one just before I head out on the school pick up. The flavoured coffees in the selection box are each really tasty in their own way. Every single one is only 2 calories per cup, so if you are someone who is watching your weight, or maybe prefers to spend their calories on cake rather than syrupy coffee then Beanies would be a great idea. Beanies is also gluten, wheat, nut, dairy and alcohol free, so it’s a fantastic choice anyone following a specific diet.

Included in my box were the following flavours of instant coffee, each glass jar contains 50g of coffee, so plenty to keep you going through the festive season.

– Gingerbread – A warm and cosy sensation with a not overpowering ginger flavour
– Jaffa Cake – A zesty classic with hints of chocolate and orange
– Peppermint Candy Cane – A cool and minty dream to put you in the spirit
– Toffee Nut Latte – One of the sweeter flavours with more toffee than nut
– Toffee Apple – Irresistibly smooth and fruity with apple overtones and a subtle toffee flavour
– Toasted Marshmallow – A warm and toasty treat, evoking memories of open fires and cosy toes
– Mince Pie – A festive favourite now in drinkable form
– Cherry Bakewell – The perfect teatime treat and oh so sweet (sweetest of all the flavours I found)
– Merry Christmas – What’s Christmas without the pud? Christmas pudding flavour…my favourite!

Each jar of coffee contains 25 servings, meaning you get a total of 225 cups of coffee included in the box set. At £20 for the set it works out at less than 9 pence per cup, certainly a lot cheaper than the flavoured coffees you can buy while out and about, with the bonus of getting the flavour without the use of sweet syrup. I really enjoyed all the flavours and it was nice to be able to choose a flavour to suit my mood. The Jaffa Cake, Toffee Apple, Toffee Nut Latte, Toasted Marshmallow and Cherry Bakewell are certified as sugar free and carry the sugar wise logo. The Merry Christmas, Mince Pie, Gingerbread and Peppermint Candy Cane are not labelled sugar free but there is no sugar listed in the ingredients and they are still only 2 calories per cup. Once opened it is suggested that the coffee be stored in a cool, dry place and that you consume the coffee within 3 months. The best before dates mean that you can keep the coffee far longer than 3 months as long as you don’t break the seal on the jar.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.00

This product can be purchased from the Beanies Flavour Co website here.

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