Chicago Town Pizza Christmas Cards Review


Reviewed by Darryl Ryznar

Who thought Chicago Town only did pizzas? Well, think again! This Christmas, frozen pizza brand Chicago Town have launched 6 super-cool, charity Christmas card designs with extra cheese, available to buy from I relished the chance to review the Christmas cards – but be warned, I’ve packed this review full with grate pizza puns (see, it’s already begun!). You could say the cards have inspired me – hope you don’t think I’m too much of a weird-dough…!

There are six designs to choose from, so I chose four different designs in an A5 layout. All the cards are festive close-ups of Chicago Town’s well-known pizzas, playing on the puns within the names – so they pretty much do what they say on the box. For example, out of the four I chose the “When the pizza lay ‘round about, deep & crisp and even” , a deep pan pizza, “Have yourself a merry tiger crust-mas!” , a picture of one of their tiger crust pizzas, “It’ll be pepper-lonely this Christmas, without you to hold”, a classic pepperoni snap and “Christmas time, mistletoe & pine…. apple” is an image of the hotly debated Hawaiian. So, no matter how you slice it, these are awesome cards.

Each design comes in 6 different formats, at different price points, depending how much dough you want to spend. So, you can buy each individual card as an A5 card (RRP £3.49), an A5 card with flowers (RRP £34), an A4 card (RRP £3.99), a chocolate card (RRP £8.99), a socks card (RRP £9.99), or even a chocolate selection card (RRP £10.99). You can also get four A5 cards for RRP £10 at the moment – what a bargain! And that’s not all – each card can be customised with a personal message, and you can opt to either send the cards to yourself, or directly to the recipient.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the cards arrived with the design printed on high-quality card accompanied by a lovely grey Thortful-branded envelope with a self-seal sticky lip. I’m sure they’ll bring a smile to my intended recipients faces!

The most important thing you knead-to-dough is that Chicago Town is dedicated to issuing the profits from the card sales to FareShare, a charity who are fighting hunger and food waste across the UK, an amazing cause who help out people all over the country. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, they’ve seen a huge increase in demand for their services, and the donations from these Chicago Town Christmas cards will help get food to where it’s needed the most.

And for a limited time only, if you buy any Chicago Town Christmas card, the recipient will get a voucher for a free Chicago Town pizza – so whether you send them to yourself, or someone else, a free pizza is only a Christmas card away.

So, for supreme laughs, think outside the pizza box this Christmas. Get in on a pizza of the action with a Chicago Town Christmas card. Crust me, you’ll love them. But best be quick, as they’re only around for a limited time – you know what they say, here today, gone tomato (last one, promise!).

Fantastic, cheesy, festive fun. 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5


These products can be purchased from the Thortful website here.

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