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JoJo Maman Bebe Nativity Set Review


Reviewed by Deana Cowan

I was so glad to receive this beautiful wooden nativity set. It came packaged in a beautifully illustrated box with a rope carry handle. The box has a clear image of everything that the set contains as well as illustrations of each character depicting their actual size. I found this to be helpful as well as charming. Upon opening the outer packaging I found a very well protected, stunning wooden stable. The stable is painted in a light brown with a contrasting dark brown roof and door knobs. The doors have concealed magnets to help keep the doors closed once the characters are packet away. The two large doors open wide to reveal the characters neatly hidden inside. Each one individually wrapped in tissue paper. I found this added to the unboxing of this set and I was excited to see who I was opening next. The animals are wonderfully cute. There is a fluffy sheep, a brown cow, a donkey and a camel. The people are painted so nicely they really are very endearing. They are in the style of peg people which adds to their charm. The set of people includes Three kings (wise men) holding their gifts. Two Shepard’s. Mary and Joseph. An an angel with the most precious felt wings and a tiny and adorable swaddled baby Jesus and his manger. There is also a little yellow start that sits upon the stable roof.

Once I had removed all of the figures from the stable I was delighted to see that there were 3 windows stuck to the back wall of the stable depicting a starry night sky. Such a lovely touch. The figures are a lovely weight and shape for little hands. They are stable and do not topple easily. They are also very smooth with a slightly shiny finish. My 3 children ages 8, 7 and 4 were all equally excited to come home from school to find this set. And the oldest took great pleasure in educating the younger ones on who the characters were before she decided that they ought to reenact the nativity story. It was a lot of fun and a great start to the Christmas season. Although it has led to plenty of nagging to put the Christmas tree up early. But we will wait until December I think. This set is very easy to pack away as all of the pieces are stored within the stable it’s self. Although I prefer to have the stable doors open and the scene set as a decoration when not being played with. It would be such a shame to hide away the wonderfully painted figures behind closed doors. Overall this product is Beautiful, robust and charming. I love it and my children love it. This will be a part of our Christmas decorations long after the children grow out of wanting to play with it as it is beautiful just as a nativity scene. We are delighted with this piece and it will be cherished for year to come.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £26

This product can be purchased from the JoJo Maman Bebe website here.

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