Personalised Sweet Tin By Proper Goose Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I know the biggest sweet lover in the world and was so chuffed to be able to review the Proper Goose Personalised Sweet Tin. I knew the recipient would love it. Sweets and a picture of his favourite people.

The Proper Goose personalised sweet tin is a lovely gift for a sweet lover with an extra special personal touch.

The tin made of aluminium and measures: 230mm x 160mm x 50mm. The tin is such a perfect size for keeping a selection of sweets in.

The lid fits the tin perfectly so your sweets won’t go off, if left long enough!
Best of all, you can add your own picture and message to the lid. We decided to create the tin for a sweet loving Grandad.
The overall picture & text print quality exceeded expectations. The picture was bright and clear with the text bold, crisp and easy to read.

You can select to receive an empty tin or a tin containing 2, 4 or 6 bags of sweets. The sweets are produced by Bon Bon’s. With over 10 different bags of traditional sweets to pick from, you are spoilt for choice. The sweet choice includes:
-Cola bottles
-Mint humbugs
-Milk bottles.
Some of the sweet choices are suitable for vegetarians.
Each bag weights approximately 200g.

Our tin included four different bags of sweets. I and the recipient tried all four bags of sweets and thought each tasted flavoursome & yummy. The sweets tasted how I remember sweets from when I was a child. Our favourite sweets were the strawberry bonbons.
The tin looks and feels very high quality. With the four bags of sweets inside it is a wonderful gift for a sweet lover.

The process for ordering the sweet tin, is so easy, in five simple steps.
First of all, you select if you’d like sweets included and if so, how many packs.
Secondly, you have two lines available to enter your own text to personalise your sweet tin.
Thirdly, you select which sweets you want included in the tin.
Fourthly, if you’d like a gift card and the message for the card.
Finally, you upload the picture you would like to be printed on your tin

Proper Goose have a wide range of products available with many that can be personalised such as playing cards, jars, drinks bottles and many different kinds of tins. There is a gift suitable for everyone. Not only us but also our pets.

The personalised tin with four packets of sweets costs £22. Overall I rate this gift 5/5.
I think this is an excellent value gift. The tin arrived well packaged and wrapped in lovely Proper Goose tissue paper. There is no need to re wrap the gift. The sweets are excellent quality and would cost at least £3 each per bag in a shop. The tin is made of high quality aluminium and wonderful personalisation.

The recipient loved the gift. Not only did it have the personalised message and photo. It also included their favourite treat.
I highly recommended Proper Goose for when you need an extra special gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.00

This product can be purchased from the Proper Goose website here.

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