Cheeky Rascals Bed And Bath Bundle Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I was kindly sent a baby Bed and Bath bundle to review from Cheeky Rascals, everything needed to get your newborn into a sleep routine. Included is a Cheeky Rascals Bath Support, A Cuddledry hooded towel and a Love to Dream swaddle.

Cheeky Rascals Bath Support

The bath support is suitable to be used from birth up to 6 months, it has an ergonomic moulded seat made from hygienic and mould resistant plastic the inner is a soft squashy wipe clean material which supports baby as well as keeping them comfortable. The support is sturdy and good quality, and could easily be handed down once finished with.
The seat itself is well designed with a moulded pommel to stop little ones slipping down. The seat stays in place with suction caps which stick to the bottom of the bath, the seat itself is small enough to fit in a baby bath however we never bothered with a baby bath and went straight into the standard bath. I have no concerns about baby being well supported, the seat is reclined enough to ensure she does not flop forward but can still happily splash in the water. Overall the Bath Support does exactly what you need it to.

Cuddledry towel

After the bath, time to dry, I often compare handling a baby out of the bath is like wrestling a wet slippy fish, baby might be dry by the end of it but I am usually soaked and there are usually some tears involved, it seems some other clever person had this same issue and invented the Cuddle Dry Wearable hands free towel.
The towel I received was grey and white with a star patterned trim-nice and neutral for boys or girls, the towel itself is wonderfully soft and beautiful quality.
It differs from other baby towels as it is essentially hands free, it fastens around your neck and the corner hood then pops over baby’s head leaving your arms free to cuddle them dry and keeping you from getting soaked in the meantime. Happy baby, happy parent!

Love to Dream Swaddle

We are keen swaddlers in this house although it takes plenty of practice to perfect the technique. The love to Dream swaddle could not be simpler, a zip up sleeping bag which allows baby to keep arms up.
The idea of swaddling is that babies feel snug and secure like they do in the womb, it’s also thought than swaddling prevents unnecessarily wake ups caused by the startle reflex.
We love this swaddle, it’s so easy to use and takes away any concerns about how tight or loose to wrap when using a blanket. The two way zip makes nappy changing a breeze, it is just an excellent well thought out product, I would not hesitate to recommend.

This bundle of products would be a brilliant and thoughtful gift to any new parent or parent to be, an ideal baby shower gift or for any occasion really.
It’s a great starter kit, the bundle retails for £80 which I think is entirely reasonable for all 3 items and competitive with other similar products on the market. The items can also be purchased separately.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £80

This product can be purchased from Cheeky Rascals here.

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