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Personalised OS Map Review


Reviewed by Helen Whetton

Before the invention of Sat nav in the early 90s, and the rise of the internet and Google maps, we all used an atlas or OS maps to find our way around.  Ordnance Survey (OS) has updated their range by offering personalized maps.  You can chose between a folding map or a flat map, and either an Explorer or a Landranger map. 

The Explore map has a burnt orange colour background the Landranger has a pink background.  I was sent a large, folded Explorer map measuring 80cm x 80cm folding map to review.  When purchasing a personalized map you can add photos, and words to the front cover as well as the map itself.  Maybe you could personalise your map with your favourite holiday venue, wedding venue or just where you live.  The options are endless.  I chose to have where I live and the year printed on the front of the map, and the village I live in pinpointed onto the map itself. 

The quality of the map is excellent, the front cover has a nice gloss finish, and a lovely sunset picture, one of the pre set pictures you can chose when ordering.  The map itself folds out very easily and is also easy to fold back up.  Once again the quality of the paper and print is off excellent quality.  Everything you would expect is printed on the map, so it is usable as well as sentimental.  The OS Explorer map is 1:2500 scale, at the side it gives information on how to read the actual map.  It shows the communication and access routes, railways, footpaths and bridal paths and coastal routes which are all colour coded.  Very helpful if you have never used a map before.  It is possible to frame the map if you have a big enough wall, personally I would chose the flat map if you wanted to mount it.

My husband loves maps, so this was right up his street, he spent quite a while finding local landmarks, rambling walks that he had forgotten about, in order to take the children out, along with cricket grounds he played at as a child.  I fear we are going on a cricket ground tour, and rambling whether we want to or not.

The folded maps a designed to fit in the side pocket of walking trousers, but will equally slide into a small backpack or sit nicely on your book shelf, depending on how adventurous you are feeling.

I feel that this is quite a nice gift, I know people that would love this as a gift and people that would hate it.  Personally I think it’s a great gift, I like gifts that mean something, because you can add your own words and pictures you can make it very personal.

The large folded personalized map retails from OS at £19.99.
The Small personalized map retails at £7.99 and is 42cm*29cm (A3)
The large flat personalized map retails at £19.99 and is 80*80 cm
Personalized maps are only available from the Ordnance Survey Website,
Maps of towns, cities and counties are also available from the OS shop and retailers such as WH Smiths.
I rate this personalized OS map 5/5. For its quality, usefulness and sentimental value.
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Rating: 5/5

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