Peppa Pig: George and the Noisy Baby Review


Reviewed by Gemma Berkul

I was really pleased I was chosen to review ‘Peppa Pig: George and the Noisy Baby’ book to read with my four year old, as we have a two week old baby.

When I showed the book to my four year old she was excited as she still loves Peppa Pig. The book is a nice size and my daughter was able to hold it and she was able to turn the pages with ease (her choice). The book is warm and funny with lovely, colourful illustrations. As we read the story we talked about new born babies and my daughter particularly liked it when the story allows you to wail like a baby. She rolled around with laughter. It was nice that we were able to relate our own experiences of our noisy baby to the story. It was nice to read that Daddy Pig was involved in trying to calm the baby.

My daughter was able to retell the story in her own words which was wonderful as it encourages her storytelling skills. She also wanted to take it into school (she’s in nursery) and ask the teachers to read it to everyone. The teacher thought it was a great idea as lots of her friends have new baby brothers and sisters.


I would give this book 4/5 as it was a really nice book with lovely illustrations etc… but I feel that it could have talked about the reasons why babies cry. For example they could have checked his nappy or fed him before making lots of noise etc…

However, I think it would be a nice present for a sibling of a new baby. It’s a nice way of talking about the new baby to the older sibling and making them feel grown up as they don’t cry through night (Hopefully!).

I’m sure we will be reading it again and again…

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £4.99 (paperback)

Suitable age: 3-6 years

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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