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Packmate Flat Vacuum Storage Bags Review


Reviewed by Jenny Bray

I never thought I’d get excited seeing my soft home items shrinking in a bag, ready to take up less space in the storage cupboard! Lockdown has a lot to answer for…

These packmate bags arrived in a white and orange cardboard box highlighting that the items are Good Housekeeping Institute approved in 2021 and that they come with a lifetime guarantee, which is reassuring. There was a guarantee leaflet inside the box. The instructions for using the bags are on the bags themselves and there were 3 different sizes of bag included in the box. The bags come in a variety of sizes, with the largest, the jumbo size, at 90x110cms (35×43 inches), which states to be for a queen or king size duvet. The box also states that the items are fully recyclable PE and PET plastics and to recycle responsibly or that you can send them back to them to recycle.

I have all season duvets with 2 layers so have an unused layer of duvet for much of the year. I also have a spare duvet for a sofa bed, that remains in a cupboard the majority of the time. These bags enable that duvet, as well as the associated covers for the duvet and sofabed, to be stored in one bag together.

The bags don’t feel overly thick but the guarantee they come with gave me more confidence that they would last and be robust. It was very easy to put items in the bag and surprisingly satisfying to vacuum the air out of them and watch the items shrink while watching the air get sucked out of the bag.

Their website shows that they are based in Cheshire, which is great, as I prefer to buy from within the Uk. However, the packaging also states that the items were made in China, which isn’t so great for saving on air miles. A little confusingly, on their FAQ page of their website and on the site you can purchase their items through, they say that the items come with a 5 year guarantee not a lifetime one, so I think that probably needs updating.

If you’re looking to save space, without getting rid of anything, then these are a great way to do it and enable you to store many more soft items in a compact way. As an added bonus, by sealing the items away this protects them from any possible bugs that may make it in to the house such as moths or other bugs that may eat these items and also from dust and damp. I have the baby items I have kept from each of my children in a sealed box at the moment but plan to transfer them to one of these bags for this reason.

I have marked them down slightly for not being made in the Uk, despite being a Uk based company, although I understand that this may not bother many people. The product itself is really useful and great for saving on storage space. I didn’t use them for storage under the bed or loft storage but they’d be good for that as well as for utilising cupboard storage space more effectively.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.49

This product can be puchased from buyPackMate here.

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