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Wilko Vegan Friendly Cleaning Range Review


Reviewed by Elly Sax

I love this time of year, Spring is coming and it is time to throw the windows open wide and give everywhere a good clean, but as a family we are very conscious of our impact on the environment, over the years we have tried to reduce or reliance on chemical cleaning products and so when I was offered the chance to review a new range of ecological cleaning products from Wilko I said yes straight away. The Wilko Eco range includes everything you need to clean your home and clothes. We try very hard to be as environmentally aware as possible but have found that sometimes products which claim to be more ecologically sound are also more expensive. The Wilko Eco range of products all have key things in common making them more environmentally friendly without costing a fortune. The entire range is packaged in either cardboard boxes or plastic bottles (apart from the optical wipes) the boxes and bottles are easy to recycle with most roadside collections taking them in the recycling bins. The bottles are also made from 50% – 100% recycled plastic further reducing their negative impact on the environment. The range of products I tested carried labelling to show they were safe for aquatic life, so no need to worry about them going down the drain when using them, they are also labelled as septic tank safe and vegan friendly.

I tested the kitchen cleaner first, this item comes in a trigger spray bottle with white and lime green packaging, it is a 500ml bottle and I found it comfortable to hold whilst in use. This particular products bottle is not only easily recycled once you have finished with it but it is actually made from 100% recycled plastic which is great. The spray bottle has a nozzle which needs to be twisted to the on setting before any product can be used, a great safety feature for households with small children. The spray provides anti bacterial protection for surfaces which I really liked, anything which helps to keep my house safe and germs under control is good in my book. I was disappointed with the impact of the cleaner on greasy surfaces, like the glass above the cooker hood, but it worked really well on the worktops and sink and the smell was very fresh. The smell lasted which was great as it left the kitchen smelling really clean.

The washing liquid was next, I usually use pods which dissolve in the drum so was interested to compare using a liquid which goes in the drawer. I loved that it was concentrated so the bottle was small enough to easily hold and pour with but will still do 25 washes, it provided great value for money per wash load. I tested it on a few wash loads, 2 at 40 degrees and then towels on 60 degrees and it washed really well. It created suds in the wash load but not too many that the clothes felt soapy once I took them out of the machine. All of my washing came out clean, even a strawberry stained hoodie of a two year old, so I would give this liquid a massive thumbs up. It didn’t leave much of a scent on the clothes but I don’t like strong smells on my clothes so this suited me well. Once dry the clothes smelt fresh, even though I had to dry them inside rather than on the washing line.

Fabric conditioner is not something I normally buy, but as I was offered this I thought I would try it out. I used it on my 40 degree washes and would say I noticed a slight difference to when I wash without, if you normally do buy softener then I’m sure this one would be a good replacement. Like the washing liquid it is not highly scented, great if you have sensitive skin, and it did leave the clothes softer than without using it. Maybe over the longer term it would help clothes stay softer, or improve the longevity of clothing but this isn’t something I could test by doing just a couple of washes. Both the washing liquid and fabric softener come in plastic bottles which are made from 50% recycled plastic and can be easily popped in the recycling bin when you are finished.

Overall I thought the products in the Wilko Eco range offered really good value for money, they were well packaged, environmentally friendly and so overall ‘don’t cost the earth’, I would definitely buy the products again and would be really interested to test out other products from the range.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: between 60p and £3.50 depending on the product or a bundle of 6 items can be purchased for £12.50

The items can be purchased from the Wilko website here.

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