OXO Barware Review


Reviewed by Louise Watts

I am sure I am no different to other people when I say that I have tried many corkscrews over the years to get into my wine! I have tried cheap ones from low cost shops and high-end ones from posher retailers. Ultimately what is important is that you can get into the bottle and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day preferably without bits of cork floating in it!

There are so many different types on the market, how do you know which to buy? With Christmas fast approaching, I was given the opportunity to try two wine lovers’ necessities and give my verdict.

The OXO Good Grips Winged Corkscrew retails at around £22 and is available on many online sites. The product looks nice, it has a slick design and the contrasting black and metal colours make it look top quality and modern. The corkscrew is the same to use as any other winged corkscrew in that you put the spiral part in the cork and turn the knob. As you turn the knob, the wings will rise up. Once they have risen, you push them back down and the cork comes out.

The knob is very user friendly in design and is comfortable to use and easy to grip onto. Unlike the traditional metal corkscrews where the knob doubles as a bottle opener, the OXO one doesn’t and so the knob is solid and easy to grip onto as it has no hole in the middle. This makes it easier to use and more secure to hold. It is also very easy to turn the knob and does not require too much effort or force.

When you enter the metal into the cork, the plastic casing holds onto the bottle nicely and feels safe and secure. The plastic looks and feels good and ensures you feel reassured in the quality of the item and its effectiveness. 

The metal parts of the corkscrew are made from zinc and are shiny and sturdy. This corkscrew looks like it has a long lifespan and is tough enough to be used on a frequent basis. When you pull the wings down to remove the cork, the cork comes out easily and effortlessly. Most importantly it comes out in one piece and does not leave you needing to pick out bits of cork for the next half hour!

Some people may consider £22 rather a lot of money to spend on a corkscrew when there are many cheaper alternatives available, but I think it is a lovely looking design and a more than functional item that will be appreciated for many years by any wine lover as a present for Christmas.

Whilst many people enjoy a glass of wine (or two) with their meal, many people do not wish to finish the whole bottle in one sitting. When drinking from a bottle where you have removed the cork, this leaves you requiring something to put back in the bottle to seal it and keep it nice for when you decide to drink the rest. You can buy many kinds of bottle stoppers, some much more effective than others! If you want to stand your wine up, then it probably doesn’t matter too much if it is completely sealed or not. For those who want to lie the bottle down in the fridge, it is much more important to have a good seal or you may end up with a fridge full of wine marinated items!

OXO have produced a pack of 2 Spillproof Wine Stoppers in matching black and metal and these are available online for around the £12 mark.

They are lovely in design. The part which goes into the wine bottle is black and the top which you see on the outside of the bottle is stainless steel. The top also has the simple but classy OXO logo on.

The stoppers come with an advisory on the box that they are only suitable for bottles that are corked, not screw topped. They are simple to use and insert into the bottle and the box has instructions on the side so there are no excuses for getting it wrong, even after a few glasses of wine!

Once I had inserted the stopper into the bottle, I did a spill test. I carried this out over the sink as I was sceptical about whether they would truly be spillproof, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised and there was no spillage. The stoppers are good quality and I am sure they would last for a significant amount of time and therefore in my opinion are well worth £12 for a pack of two.

As a wine lover myself, I know how either item or both together would make a lovely Christmas gift or stocking filler and would most definitely last through the Christmas period and beyond.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit www.oxouk.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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