ONAIE Star Sheepskin Slippers Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

As the nights are drawing in and it gets colder and colder outside I find myself looking for any item of clothing which helps keep me warm and makes me feel nice and cosy. I was therefore very excited to get a pair of sheepskin slippers!

Onaie is a bespoke London-based fashion brand started by two sisters from Poland who wanted to promote Polish folk heritage. They use 100% real sheepskin from Polish sheep which are a by-product of the Polish meat industry and would normally be considered waste. Instead their craftswoman buys the sheepskin and uses age-old techniques which have been handed down from generation to generation, to transform them into unique, luxury, handmade footwear.

The slippers arrived in a large cardboard shoebox and the website makes it clear that only eco-friendly packaging is used whenever possible which is really lovely to hear. They have their sustainable and ethical policy on their website and explain how they work side by side with their suppliers to ensure ongoing ethical, social and environmental compliance.

Upon opening the shoebox I lifted up the recycled branded tissue paper and was confronted by the softest, comfiest looking slippers I had ever seen! The outside sole is made of split cowhide, and then really soft lambs wool covers the outside part of the slipper up to the hand embroidered star embroidery. The hand stitching is exposed and shows the amount of detail and work which goes into them – according to the website each pair of slippers takes around an hour to make. There is no size label inside but instead on the bottom of the slippers is a sticker with the size on.

I slipped them on and was pleased with how well they fitted as well as how comfy they are. They definitely keep your feet warm and after only a few days they are already starting to mould to my feet. These slippers come in size 3 to size 8 and as every pair is handmade they are one of a kind. I was slightly worried that my feet would actually get too hot in them but so far they seem to be really good at keeping my feet toasty and warm without ever feeling too hot.

Onaie do a range of slippers for both men and women ranging from highlander felt slippers to butterfly yellow sheepskin mules and most of them are beautifully embroidered. There is also the option to get your slippers gift wrapped in a brown, grey, red or black gift box. As well as slippers they also do a large selection of other items including wool gilets, socks and sheepskin rugs and all of the items look luxurious and comfy.

I highly recommend these slippers as they are made to a really high quality, keep your toes lovely and warm and both look and feel like they will last an incredibly long time. Slippers are a great gift to buy for pretty much anyone at Christmas – the only problem you may have is if you buy them as a gift you may find yourself needing to buy another pair as you will want to keep them for yourself!

RRP: £39

Rating: 5/5

These slippers can be purchased from ONAIE here.

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