Odylique Prebiotic, Chamomile And Coconut Conditioner And Detangler Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I struggle with a dry, itchy scalp so I was very intrigued that a conditioner had been designed for irritated scalps. I have been brought up to believe that conditioners are for the ends of the hair only so this was a little alien to me.

On opening the product I noticed just a delicate Chamomile fragrance, but certainly no hint of coconut which was a little disappointing. I assume the coconut ingredient is used for its’ conditioning properties rather than scent. In fact, I couldn’t detect any fragrance from this product on my hair at all once it had been dried, which for me is a negative. I appreciate this isn’t important to everyone particularly if you are looking to this product as a solution to scalp sensitivities, but I am personally drawn to products with a lush fragrance.

I used the conditioner as directed and massaged it into the hair and scalp, left it for a few minutes then rinsed.

The conditioner was certainly lightweight and left my hair feeling lovely, shiny and soft at the ends. However my scalp was a little greasy the following morning. My hair has become a slightly more oily since I stopped using bleach to dye it, but I usually manage to wash it on alternate days without issue. However by day two my hair did not look clean due to the oils, particularly as I have a fringe, so I decided to avoid using the conditioner on my scalp. This sadly means that this product is not a solution for my scalp issues. Perhaps this product is aimed for people with much drier hair and scalps.

It did work well as a detangler and left my hair really soft and shiny. It apparently has multiple uses as a cleanser, split end repair treatment, hair mask and scalp nourisher. For example you can leave it on overnight as a deep treatment, or leave it on for 5 minutes as a co-washing cleanser. This is really useful for those with specific issues hair or scalp requirements, and a really good option for many people.

The coconut and aloe nourish the hair, the chamomile and calendula soothe the scalp and prebiotic chicory helps to balance the skins microbiota.

The product is 100% natural and 78% organic, vegan and not tested on animals. It is a totally natural product and perfect for people with skin sensitivities.

The price point of £12.50 is typical of a product of this quality, however with using it on the scalp as well you are going to spend more on conditioner than you usually would perhaps. If it works for you then I doubt this will matter too much!

I find this conditioner tricky to score as it didn’t work for my scalp due to the greasy feeling and the lack of fragrance, yet it did leave the rest of my hair soft, shiny and easy to style when used on the ends. I think this product has a target clientele who will potentially love it, so I have to consider this when I score it 4/5 stars.

Rating: 4/5 stars

RRP: £12.50 (140ml)

You can purchase this conditioner at Odylique here.

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