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North Pole Advent Train Review


Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

We know it’s almost Christmas in our house when ‘Tap Tap,’ our Scout Elf, shows up again on the 1st of December. This will be our third year and our boys (aged 3 and 5 years old) love to wake up in the morning to see where he is each morning and what he has been up to. The first year he arrived by parachuting in along with the Elf on the Shelf book and my little boy quickly chose the name Tap Tap. Please don’t ask me why he chose Tap Tap – as we still have no idea! Tap Tap is a cheeky elf and is always doing things to make the children laugh. Their favourite last year was when he threw all their undies all over the Christmas tree! They also enjoyed when he rolled the toilet paper all the way down the stairs. Thinking of the different ideas is challenging but seeing the enjoyment on the boys faces in the morning makes the challenge worth it!

The hardest part is trying to figure out how he will arrive each year as it really needs to be the biggest entrance. Last year definitely did not live up to the parachuting elf and my boys still talk about how Tap Tap came parachuting in the first year we had him. Last year He arrived with a book and some Pjs and it was definitely not exciting! This year with the help of the North Pole Advent Train I am hoping it will be a big hit again and the best part is it does not take much planning.

I love the idea of this Advent Train as a calendar. You could use it with or without a Scout Elf but I definitely see it as more fun with one. It is also good because it might take the pressure off of trying to find creative and exciting things for Tap Tap to do each day as they will have something to open – If I just move the train around the house. Your own Scout Elf fits perfectly in the front of the train as the driver with four theme cars pulled behind – Sweet Shop, Puppy Love, Snow Much Fun and ‘Tis the Season. Just like any other advent calendar there are 24 doors to open each one containing a surprise. Each themed car includes a mini figure along with accessories. Some examples of the accessories are, a baking sheet, hats, signs, stickers, a blanket, water bowl, mini tree, stocking and Santa sign. Each car can also be turned over to show a North Pole backdrop perfect for extending your child’s play and encouraging imaginative play. It would also work well as a Christmas display and would look so cute under the Christmas tree. This is not the type of advent calendar that would get thrown away at the end of the year. I plan on packing it away and getting it back out each year for our boys to play with.

I would give the North Pole Advent Train 5/5 stars. I know my boys will love it and it is the perfect companion for the Elf of the Self. There are lots of other Activities and Accessories on the Elf on the Shelf website that also look good, and I will definitely be ordering some of those too!

Rating: 5/5


This product can be purchased from the Elf On The Shelf website here.

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