The Fancy Festive Fayre Gift Tower Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I was having a bit of an off week when the postman knocked on the door with a parcel, the children were all really excited as I hadn’t told them it was arriving. This cheered me right up! I wasn’t expecting it all to look so beautiful! When I lifted it from the box it was posted in, which was very well packaged and nothing was damaged, I had to stand back and just stare at it.

If someone received this as a gift, there is no way the sight of it wouldn’t get an impact! Four beautiful, brown and red Christmas boxes, (very sturdy and reusable ones too), with a beautiful ribbon holding them together. I also received a personal note with the tower thanking me which was a lovely personal touch and shows that the company really thinks about its customers.  We took off the ribbon and laid it out to see what was inside. Each box smelled amazing and we couldn’t wait to dive in.

In the first and largest box, was a 300g Coles Chocolate pudding. This when warmed up, is a family favourite. A good size for the kids to share and was lovely and rich.

There was also a large jar of jelly beans, another favourite.
In the second box was a Homemade Farmhouse Sultana loaf. Lovely texture and fantastic flavour. It was nice and moist, not dry at all and well packaged with a clear ingredients label.

Also in box two was a box of Stewart’s Fudge bites, 125g. I have to admit these didn’t get beyond me, I love fudge and thought I would just have one piece….I ate the whole box to myself. They were lovely and creamy.
Box three held a box of Farmhouse Brownie biscuits which my eldest disappeared with. They were rich and buttery with just the right amount of cocoa and I will be buying more of these to put in her stocking. She is funny with biscuits, but loved these. There were also two bags of chocolates, all with clear ingredients and allergen labels. Champagne truffles and Salted Caramel truffles. The salted caramel in particular were divine. Melt in the mouth and very addictive.

The smallest box had four home made and beautifully decorated cupcakes. My younger two pinched these but not before I could try them. There were two Christmas trees, a snowman and a reindeer. The cakes were light an fluffy. Knowing they’re travelled in the post I expected them to be a little dry but not at all! It was the complete opposite, they were perfect and the younger two polished them off without any complaints. Perfect buttercream frosting to cake ratio.

They enclosed a flyer with their personal note, which prompted me to have a look at their very user friendly website. It was lovely to read about how their family bakery, founded in 1924, had grown.  I love it when family run businesses are doing well and prefer to support them when looking for gifts than bigger companies. I love the personal, family touch and this company certainly has that.

Over all I think this gift is wonderful value, especially as it was sent through the post. With lockdown stopping us from travelling to friends and family this Christmas this tower would be the perfect gift to send to brighten up anyone’s Christmas morning. There is something for everyone and everything in the boxes was good quality and had been packed with great care and attention to detail. They even have vegetarian and gluten free choices.

You can find the tower here directly from Bradfords at £44.90 and they have delivery dates right up to Christmas. They have other hampers and packages available to be posted out too. Varying from a Santa’s treat bag which has some lovely baked and confectionary items with a little cloth bag, a wonderful gift tower including cheese and wine, and to their huge extravagant Rudolf hamper which looks absolutely amazing! Should you require a hamper or gift for another occasion, they have covered everything from new baby to birthdays.

I give the Fancy Festive Fayre Tower 5 out of 5 stars. I really do recommend it should you be looking to post a treat to family this year or even if you’d like to treat the family at home. Their hampers would be a wonderful Christmas eve surprise! I’d rather have this turn up on my doorstep than a Christmas eve box this year.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £44.90

This product can be purchased from the Bradfords website here.

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