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Reviewed by Nina Chester

I don’t suppose I’m the only one having a strange year, and even though its only early November, my thoughts have turned to Christmas and the joy that the season brings, never more anticipated at the end of such a dreary dismal year.

I love Christmas shopping, I love everything about it, the crowds the stopping, exhausted, for a well-earned cup of coffee, gift bags around your aching feet. The anticipation of the oohs and ahs when presents are unwrapped and revealed.

Just prior to this latest lockdown, I did venture into the city centre, mask firmly in place and glasses steamed up, hand sanitizer within reach, I had a list, no time to check it twice, and I did a fly-past Christmas shop and it gave me no pleasure at all, even when I got home I felt the gifts were inadequate, they lacked imagination and personalization and what’s more, the closer family members were still not entirely done. As I was struggling to decide what else I could buy that would now have to be done online a friend suggested that I look at Motif, where you can purchase fully personalized photo books and calendars. There is no cost or commitment in downloading the app so I thought id give it a go. Once downloaded onto my Ipad, a matter of a few seconds, I started to browse the app and began to realise that this was going to be as much fun as Christmas shopping, in fact, probably more so as tired feet were not necessary and coffee could be exchanged for a glass of sherry.

I was excited to see that one of the options I could choose was a calendar, as my daughter had actually asked for a calendar in her Christmas stocking, as she declared that keeping a diary this year has been pointless as there has been so many changes and she has missed things because of this. She feels and I have to somewhat agree, that having an entire month on one page, on full view is and easier option to try and stay on track.

Would I be able to find twelve of my own photos of suitable quality, but I really didn’t have to worry as the app tells you whether your photos will look in focus and sharp when printed, I also quickly realized that I could use far more than twelve pictures as there were multiple choices of page layout. I started by using photos that would be personal to my daughter but also seasonal to the month on the calendar. Nobody needs a photo of a Christmas tree in July, the app however allows you to drag and drop, resize, reposition and remove the pictures, you can also use the prompt tool and insert words to personalize your calendar even more. I had an immeasurable amount of fun looking back at old photographs, making sure that all the special places, people and pets each got a position on my new creation worth of their importance.

I enjoyed the process so much that I revisited the project several times until I was completely happy with my final selections. The checking out process was easy, and if you’re lucky enough to have a discount code, there was no problem in applying this, all I had to do then was to wait for the delivery. I’m delighted to say that the calendar was delivered safely in a sturdy cardboard package, I must admit that I was a little nervous opening it as I had spent considerable time creating it, well, I had no need to panic, I really couldn’t believe that I had, with help from Motif produced such an amazing professional calendar, each and every month, holds a precious memory . I cannot wait until Christmas morning when my daughter opens this, the quality is fabulous.

I couldn’t believe my luck, the calendar arrived with a 20% discount voucher for up to seven uses that I could share with family and friends. I have done this, but have also used one myself and made a soft covered photo book for us. The process was very similar, however, on this occasion the book is not a fixed price with so many options from hard and soft covers, page layouts and the number of pages, a very clear tally of the cost is kept in the top right-hand corner of the page so there are no surprises at the checkout where any discounts are also applied. Once again, the book arrived safely and promptly and is the same amazing quality. In a time when photographs are so often not printed, to see our whole year in one book which I entitled “2020 – a very strange year” was fantastic and the best thing is that the photos will never slip, drop out or become discoloured under sticky plastic sheets.

Anyway, enough of telling me you about how much I like Motif, I’m off to create my next Christmas gift, now, pass the sherry.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Calendar from £17.99
RRP: Photo book from £7.99

This product can be purchased from Motif here.

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