New Chocolates from Donaldson Reeves Review


Reviewed by Emma Rogers

The chocolate importers, Donaldson Reeves have some new chocolate companies to showcase to UK markets, including the new Cacaolat milkshake range from Spanish company Cacaolat. With their secret chocolate milk formula dating back to 1933, they have created new blends suitable for children with 0% sugar, and a tea infused Mocca variety for grown-ups too!

Donaldson Reeves also have their staple favourite, Blanx Art gourmet chocolate including the famous white chocolate – Cat’s Tongues!

Blanx Art Cats Tongues White 110g

The white chocolate ‘cat tongues’ come in drawer packaging making it easy to serve to a group of people, or as a present to take to a dinner party. The chocolate itself is very ‘luxurious’ (as one colleague put it) and to me, the white chocolate tastes much creamier than white chocolate normally does. The tongues are bite-sized, not filled, just pure white chocolate. It’s a step up from a Milky Way and we loved them! Also available in Milk and Dark chocolate.

Blanx Art 85% Dark with nibs 100g

This chocolate was quite rich and the cocoa nibs added a different kind of texture to the bar. I liked the texture, and these nibs were an added hit of chocolate but not sweet chocolate. We again liked this variety, and thought it had a rose flavoured after taste, dividing it from usual High Street and commercial chocolates and making it more of an adult taste. It works well as an after-dinner treat or for the desk drawer when you need some proper chocolate, not just something overly sweet. Dark chocolate lovers will appreciate this and anyone wanting to try dark chocolate without the bitter after taste.

Blanx Art 60% dark with ginger 100g

I’m a lover of dark chocolate and ginger so this one was a treat for me! The ginger is not over powering like you get in other brands. It’s a more subtle after taste once you savour the chocolate. The darkness of the chocolate is again subtle enough to be able to eat a lot one go (and some of us did…) but probably not one that children would appreciate. It’s also a great conversation piece.

Cacolat Stevia 200ml

The lunchbox-sized chocolate drinks came straight out of the fridge. We shared a bottle each and were surprised at how chocolatey it was. It was less of a chocolate drink and more of a hot chocolate consistency. Even though it was sweetened with Stevia, there was no hint of it being anything other than chocolate-sweet. Stevia can sometimes leave a bitter after taste, but this didn’t. If it was going to be a bed-time hot chocolate it could do with being a bit thicker, but the size was just enough for a snack, lunch or for children to have a treat.  

Cacolat Noir 200ml 

This milkshake tasted the least rich, it was still chocolatey but not overly so, which make it all the easier to drink. This is more of an everyday drink, but rather than being too bitter as most dark chocolate is, this was actually quite sweet. Still tasted like quality chocolate though!

Cacaolat Mocca 200ml

As the name suggests, this milkshake is the mocha version with a coffee taste. The chocolate side of the milkshake is as rich as the other varieties, but there is a modest hint of coffee with this one. Again, it would work well as a lunchbox treat (but maybe not for the kids!) and it’s not too rich. The size of the other 2 milkshakes, it’s a nice addition to the range and makes a change from having coffee in the afternoon as a pick-me-up.

Cacaolat Veggie PET 1L

This drink comes in a big 1 litre bottle. It’s made with oat milk so is healthier than some other brands, but you can still taste the chocolate without it being too rich or sugary. It tastes very milky and has the texture of milk but isn’t like the commercial chocolate milkshakes you find on the supermarket shelf. This milkshake is more grown-up and would work very well in an evening cocktail!

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