Eat Your Hat Chocolate Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

As someone who regularly enjoys chocolate, I’m always interested to try new products in this area. I buy bars of chocolate all the time, at least once a week and it’s important to me to buy fairly traded chocolate, it’s the obvious choice. The first time I saw Eat Your Hat organic dark chocolate with 70% cocoa by Traidcraft, the box instantly caught my attention. The beautiful illustration of a bitten hat would have been enough to make me pick it up but the fact that it’s organic, sustainable AND fairly traded mean that it will jump straight into my future shopping basket without delay.

Inside the cardboard box the chocolate is wrapped in a crackly golden wrapper which proclaims itself to be a bit garish, I disagree – I love the gold wrapper which is actually plant based and completely compostable and can go into your food waste bin if you don’t have a compost heap of your own. 

Under the gold wrapper the chocolate is presented in a slab without predefined segments which I think gives it a luxurious feel and means that it snaps deliciously into shards. It has a pleasing textured surface inlaid with the print of the bitten hat featured on the box and is a lovely dark colour. When you eat the chocolate, it’s exactly the right thickness for biting and then melts smoothly with no gritty texture or bitterness. It tastes delicious and feels like a quality product, I will definitely buy it next time I see it. 

On their website, you can read more about their commitment to genuinely fair trade, and their undeniable tagline “Everyone of us has the power to elevate others through the food we eat” sums it up nicely.

The box states that this is “An irresistible tablet of wonderfully rich, full bodied dark chocolate (70% cocoa)” I wholeheartedly agree and I can’t wait to try the other six bars in the range, with flavours such as Sri Lankan cardamom or Brazilian mandarin, who could blame me!?!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.95 (91g)

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