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Shamballa Fire Jewellery
Design & Make

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I was delighted to receive the myStyle Design & Make Shamballa Fire Jewellery Kit for review. My 8 year old daughter, almost 9, was very enthusiastic when our parcel arrived at the weekend. 

On first inspection the product came in a nice size cardboard box with clear colourful illustrations of the projects to be made which had all the usual warning/caution labels enhanced that you would expect to find which also assured you there was a step-by-step guide inside too.

Upon opening this product I found the 14 page instruction manual which I read first before letting my daughter inspect too. The contents of jewellery were all stored in a plastic divider case/box to keep everything secure with individual compartments (which can be kept to keep any spare beads or braids secure for later use if projects were not completed all at once). The first page listed the contents, followed by the introduction and basics of starting your bracelet and the rest of the instructions followed separately as Projects 1 to 5. Each project was easy to follow as there were lots of photos/examples and tips which I found very useful to assist my daughter with the step-by-step guide. Adult supervision is almost a definite requirement for this age, but I guess for a slightly older girl or teenager they would be able to make the jewellery unassisted. The most difficult part was the braiding but I’m sure with further practice this will become easier.

In total my daughter with assistance took only 1 hour to complete 4 of the 5 projects provided. She decided she wanted to make 2 sets of earrings, 1 necklace and 1 bracelet, but there is the option of 5 pieces in total (which I think is brilliant and great value). Everything is provided, the only thing you need is a small pair of sharp scissors and optional craft glue. Lucy was absolutely chuffed to bits with the finished final products all of good quality which I'm sure she cannot wait to wear and be proud to say she has made from scratch. She just showed my elder son’s teenager girlfriend what she made and she was very impressed also along with her friend. I would therefore recommend this is suitable upto and including 14 years.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product and think it is good value for money, considering how many things you can make, up to 5 pieces in total. The product is suitable for the age advertised 8 years plus (adult supervision definitely required). This product I would definitely consider buying as an ideal birthday present for any of my daughter’s friends. It was good fun and the quality of the finished result perfect. As my daughter enjoyed making these products it’s encouraged me to consider looking at other products in this range and possibly making further jewellery and buying the beads separately too.

RRP: £12.99

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Interplay UK here.

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