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Mr And Mrs Family Edition Game Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

The TV Game Show Mr & Mrs has been around for a very long time now and is something I really enjoy watching, so I was extremely excited to try the Mr and Mrs Family Edition game.

While it is recommended for 2 or more players, I would argue that the full field of four couples would provide the best experience possible. I waited until we were in the company of another couple before trying it out, and I’m glad I did! While it was just the four of us, this game provided plenty of deep belly laughs and some certainly awkward moments! I would however not recommend this for those early in a relationship or two platonic friends, as the questions may pose a certain disadvantage. Although I am sure it would be enjoyable regardless.

The concept is pretty simple but it still took all four of us some time to fully read and digest the instructions before we figured out exactly what we were meant to do. This is because it depends on how many people are playing as to who becomes the host and when you write down the questions or say your answers out loud. However now I have played it once then next time I play it I will know what to do straight away.

The questions varied a lot in content and included questions such as ‘Which of these sports does your partner think is most dangerous? Boxing, Rugby, Skiing or Formula One’ to ‘Who does your partner consider to be the most hard-working person in the room?’ There are definitely some curveballs which will keep all couples on their toes. A minor complaint would be that as most are multi-choice, some questions came with answers neither partner would pick. It then makes it extremely difficult to guess which answer your partner has chosen!

The game consists of three rounds. The first round comprises of a total of six questions, three to each partner. It involves one partner being asked about the other, regarding hobbies, interests, and habits (good or bad). The second round consists of the more well-known paddle round, where by standing back to back, each partner attempts to match the others’ answers using the pink and blue paddle cards provided. The third round then reverts to the same format as round one but with a different set of questions.

The box is clearly distinguishable as the Mr and Mrs game as everything is in either a bright blue or bright pink colour. It comes with all the different question card, paddle cards, scorecards and pads for writing down answers but unfortunately no pens or pencils which is slightly annoying as you do need to write down most of your answers.

There is certainly plenty of fun to be had in this game. I plan on taking the game with me to visit family on New Years Eve, where four couples will be in attendance. This is also a perfect game to play around Christmas when you are meeting up with various friends and family over a drink or two. Although be prepared for some arguments if partners don’t answer the questions correctly!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18.32

This game can be purchased from Amazon here.

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