Danilo Only Fools And Horses Musical Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by H Chan

Every year we hunt for the perfect advent calendars! Something a little more exciting and different to the usual, we take into account the quality, price, how much it makes you smile each day. I hate to be disappointed buying something which looks amazing but actually doesn’t live up to expectations.

This super fun calendar comes with a cardboard seal over it, with a picture of the scene and the main characters. The calendar itself is red and opens out to show the Nags Head pub inside. On the bottom right there is a button, press it and it plays the theme tune for the TV show.

The whole tune is played but split into two parts. The sound quality is very good for such a small device and it was loud enough for everyone to hear. I am not sure how long the batteries will last but they do look replaceable which is good to know.

Behind each door is either a sticker or cardboard piece to add to the Nags Head Christmas party scene. The three main Characters are thicker pieces with magnets in their bases. You get Del on day one which I thought was great because it shows how exciting the calendar can be. Place him in the middle of the floor and press for the music. Special magnets inside guide him in a circle around the box, and along with Rodney and Uncle Albert when you open their days too. A large cardboard version of the iconic three wheeled van can be found in the calendar too.

On the one hand I would have loved for there to be chocolate inside, but thinking about it this calendar is the perfect alternative for those who don’t or can’t eat chocolate. It has a fantastic musical and movement element and the characters and stickers are fun enough to keep you interested each day. Behind each door is a little paper curtain, with Del Boy’s flat curtain design on it which was a lovely little hidden detail.  There really isn’t anything else on the market which comes close or similar to this calendar which is a great selling point.

I feel the pricing is a little on the high side for what was actually included in the calendar, however to make that one fan happy it’s priceless. I gave this calendar to my dad who is a big fan, he was impressed with it as a decoration, as a calendar it’s life though is limited. I do like that it is mostly card and can be recycled, however it is thick enough to be kept and used for display, how long for though I don’t know as the corners of the box are quite fragile as are some of the doors depending on how you open them. Some are more difficult to open than others.

Danilo are the brand behind this product, they specialise in greetings cards and calendars. When browsing their website I also found their range of musical advents, all perfect for those who would like something other than chocolate. The range includes children’s favourites such as The Gruffalo, Frozen and Peter Rabbit, whereas the adult selection has Liverpool FC and this Only Fools and Horses calendar. They have found a gap in the market and hopefully will bring out more in the range. I particularly likes their pop up musical cards too.

They can be found across all social media and have a good presence, find them on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Instagram at

I give this calendar 4 out of 5 stars. Fantastic for nostalgia and for fans. It would be worth it to make my dad smile and nowadays money doesn’t go as far as it used to. I could see this on a stand at a Comic Con where it would sell really well. I feel that those who would really appreciate it might not know it exists. It lost a star because of it’s higher price point and because of its longevity but don’t let that put you off. It will come out next Christmas with the decorations I am sure but can’t really be used as a calendar again.

Overall I really liked this calendar and would purchase again for someone I knew who was a fan. It took some weighing up but when you look at quality, cost and other products on the market I feel this is a great buy for a fan.

Rating: 4/5

RRP & buy link:
The calendar can be found here for only £24.99.

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