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Me And My Glass Personalised Spotify Glass Plaque Review


Reviewed by Alison Rood

As someone who is getting sentimental in her old age, I am a lover of personalised gifts. Gifts with a meaning. Gifts that tell a story. Gifts that prompt questions from guests when the pop round. And if they happen to include a photo – even better!

I recently received just that in the form of a Personalised Spotify Glass Plaque from

It arrived in good, sturdy packaging which fitted nicely through my letterbox (bonus, who has time for post office collections nowadays?) The item itself was it was well protected in bubble wrap and the box also contained a wooden stand for the plaque and an information card from the small business who created it. It arrived less than a week after the order was placed, so a great turn around for something that is custom made.

The title of the product is a little misleading as it isn’t actually made of glass, it is made from clear acrylic. As the proud mother of a 4 year old boy, the acrylic is a great alternative to glass, as it is strong and durable. Looking at it from a distance, you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t glass.

For my plaque, I opted for a photo (or rather a montage!) of me and my husband on our wedding day. It is going to be such a lovely gift for him for our upcoming wedding anniversary. The theme this year is wood, so the base is a great nod to that. The photo print quality is amazing and it really pops on the acrylic. As well as personal photos, you can also opt for the single/album artwork – great for a music lover who is also into their art!

For the Spotify song, I opted for our first dance song – you can add the song title, the artist and even the track length. All of this is displayed under your chosen photograph/artwork and above a range of media button symbols such as “play” and “like”.

The real gem though is the QR code next to your song info. By using the camera application on your phone to scan it – you can be taken straight to your song on Spotify (you will need an account/to log in) which will be sure to evoke happy memories for yourself or the recipient.

Putting the plaque into the stand is really easy – there is a nice slot for it to slide into and it holds the plaque securely at a nice angle. But another alternative is to fix it to the wall – it would look great in the middle of a gallery wall surrounded by photos of the special occasion or person the song reminds you of.

I genuine love mine, and so I am already thinking of different occasions I could buy this as a gift for….

My friend who is due to give birth in the summer sings “Baby mine” to her bump, this would be a lovely baby shower gift with a photo of her scan and a link to their song.

Another occasion this could be good for is when you are buying someone tickets to a concert as a gift. This plaque with the band/song on would be a great alternative to printing out a boring old PDF ticket and it is something that they can keep on display forever as a reminder of the event.

The only thing that stops me giving this a 5/5 is the lack of options for the holder. If you are a stickler for matching wood/décor like me, it would be good to be able to choose your wood grain rather than be given a generic one.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £18.50 (medium 148mm x 106mm) or £22.50 (large 210mm x 148mm)

You can purchase Personalised Spotify Glass Plaque from here.

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