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Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board Cover Review


Reviewed by Julie Hayward

A new ironing board cover was just what I needed, my old one has definitely seen better days. I am not an avid ironer, but I do think the aged and ill-fitting cover is a dis incentive when I do tackle the dreaded ironing pile. It was quite thin and I would get bump marks from the board beneath, so yes it was time for a refresh.

A light weight package arrived in the post, you can also pick Vileda products up in most supermarkets and household department stores, as they are a well known and widely available brand, so something to look out for on your weekly shop.

The packaging tells me the size of the cover is M/L 120 – 130cm in length and 38 – 45cm wide, which I presume will fit most average sized ironing boards. A diagram shows an image of the underside of an ironing board with a snug fitted cover with a pull cord, demonstrating this is adjustable, with a logo stating, ‘QuickFIX SYSTEM, ELASTIC & CLIP’.
Now, whilst I do think this is a handy feature that will make fitting the cover an easier task, and there is a’ how to’ guide, on their website that has a short Youtube video demonstrating this, should you need further help. In my opinion once it has been fitted there isn’t a real need to keep taking it on and off, but if it does stop it from slipping and moving when in use, then that’s where its merits will be for me.

The product name is TOTAL REFLECT and below this heading is an image stating Extra FAST IRONING & NO DRIP. The cartoon is showing the heat reflection from the cover, with arrows symbolising the heat rising with 100% written above and below a droplet of water with a cross going through it.

So, I absolutely love the idea of extra fast ironing, quite frankly anything that can make this chore easier is very appealing to me.

Time to tackle the ironing and try out the cover… yes it fits fairly well, but probably better on a larger board, I may have needed the smaller size, there is also an option of trimming the foam under layer for a snugger fit. Attaching it to the ironing board was easy with the elastic edge and adjustable cord. It is nicely cushioned, I don’t think it will easily rip, my clothes don’t slip on the surface of the cover. The heat is almost instant and noticeably better than before, damp clothes are dried as I iron, making the creases disappear and yes, I would agree, this does feel a faster way of ironing.
I am impressed with the TOTAL REFLECT cover, it does what it promises and as you would expect from Vileda it is a quality product that should last a long time and hopefully continue to perform as well. Will it encourage me to iron more frequently? Probably not, but when needs must at least I know now it won’t be such a daunting task, and I might secretly enjoy it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.99

You can buy this product from www.vileda.com/uk here.

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