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Fun Facts Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

We have a weekly game afternoon in our house. We play a lot of old favourites but also love to add to our collection. We’ve played a few games from Asmodee recently so I was excited to have a game or Fun Facts.

Fun Facts is a party game from Asmodee for 4-8 players. It is recommended for ages 8+ and a game takes around 30 minutes to play.

The game arrived in a fun, compact box. We love board games which are easy to take with us on holidays and visiting family. Inside is 8 different coloured plastic arrow pieces, 8 matching white board pens, a deck of cards, a plastic star, a pad of score sheets plus the game rule booklet.

Rather than being a competitive game, Fun Facts is a party game where the players collectively score points depending on how well they know each other. If you note down your score on the pad provided you can then try and beat it next time you all play.

Each player chooses a coloured arrow and matching wipe clean pen. Taking it in turns to read out a question card each player secretly writes their answer on the back of their arrow. All answers will have a numerical value. For example “If there were no limits or restrictions, how many pets would you have?” Some questions are scored on a scale of 0-100 like “How lazy are you?” Then starting with the player who read the question each player places their arrow where they think it should go in relation to the other players. The idea is to get them in ascending order. Arrows are then flipped and a point is scored for each one correctly placed. This is noted on the star piece and updated after each round. Then wipe your arrow and continue with the next question. 8 rounds are played in total.

We had a lot of fun playing. Some of the questions really had us laughing and questioning what we thought of each other! We noted our score down and think we did quite well. We are going to try and beat it on our next game night. There were a few questions more suited for playing as a group of adults but the rule booklet does suggest simply drawing a new card if the question is irrelevant to the players.

Fun Facts is an entertaining party game that anyone can join in with. There’s no need for skill or general knowledge. It’s just a bit of fun to have among friends or family and you may even learn some new funny or shocking facts about them!

With up to 8 players being able to play it is a fantastic way to keep the kids or adults entertained over the school holidays.

The game is well made, high quality with a simple yet fun premise. This is one we can enjoy repeatedly.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Fun Facts can be purchased from Asmodee here.

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