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Paw Patrol Dobble Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

With school holidays coming up, the hunt is on to find as many ways as possible to keep your children entertained. Games and cards are always a favourite of mine having fond memories of hours playing these as a family when I was little. I actually only came across Dobble as an adult but have still always enjoyed playing it. I wasn’t aware that the brand did different versions and I was thrilled to be sent the perfect version for my little boy; Paw Patrol. Here the whole design, box and cards feature favourite characters and images from the popular show. From looking on the website there are actually many different themed versions including Marvel, Harry Potter and Pixar so you can choose the one most suitable to the child or family you are buying for.

The game Dobble as I knew it is really simple to play- there’s even a video on the website that states you can learn in 30 seconds! I don’t know many games that can claim that. Simply put it’s a fast matching game where the aim is to collect as many cards as possible. It can be played in in groups of 2-5 which is great for siblings, friends or families whatever the size. What I hadn’t realised before is that there are 5 games in 1 and the game I have played before is ‘the tower’ option. The little instruction booklet, which can cleverly be kept within the little tin alongside the cards, explains each one along with pictures to help. The booklet also has some handy hints for getting started to ensure all players understand the games and even has example images of all the symbols used on the cards for ease. I love how within such a little tin and simple set of picture cards you get multiple game options which allows you to vary it and therefore keep children entertained for even longer. I’m sure like us you will quickly have a family favourite!

What I like about Dobble as a game is that it is great for such a wide age range. It is advertised for 4 plus but even younger ones seem to be able to get the gist of some of the games. The paw patrol version especially appeals to young children however the game itself is fun and enjoyable for older children, teenagers and even adults. The game helps develop an understanding of turn taking and the atmosphere created helps build bonds and relationships with friends and families like many games. No batteries or difficulty removing or setting up parts are required so little ones can begin to play straight away which is always a plus. It can also be played without worrying about if a part is missing rendering it useless. Dobble also had an added bonus of physically being small so no issues with storage at home, and it can easily be brought away with you for the day or even on holiday.

From a packaging perspective, I think the use of plastic could be reduced. The whole item is in a plastic wrap and then the tin is held in plastic packaging. The cards are also then wrapped in plastic film. Whilst the inner plastic is used to hold the item within the opening on the cardboard box I think that there are several opportunities for the excess waste to be reduced as we are seeing many brands do now.

A great game (or set of games!) however to entertain children who can play amongst themselves or for families to play together and therefore a great gift for your own or other’s children.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99, the original versions is a bit cheaper at £12.99

This product can be purchased from Asmodee here.

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