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SpaGiftLush Spa Gift

Reviewed by Gemma Cooper

I was very excited when my package arrived – it was very well packed in a sturdy, easy to open box – a nice touch was the sticker on the inner box which said it was lovingly packaged by Lekky’s team – which shows care was taken at the packing stage, and inside the box the items were surrounded with packing noodles to keep them safe.

The smell as I opened the box was amazing. So deep and fresh and the 4 products inside looked great – Peace Massage Bar, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub, Full of Grace Serum Bar and Big Blue Bath Bomb.

The first thing I tried was the “full of grace facial serum”. This looked like a bar of soap and smelt amazing. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was but the combination of smells was divine!! And it left my skin feeling silky smooth and so soft.

Next I tried the “Big blue bath bomb”. Popped it into the bath and watched it fizz away… the smell was fresh and clean and gave a tranquil feeling. Again, my skin felt very soft and I was very relaxed after a lovely long soak in the bath. I wasn’t too sure exactly how to use all the items so just had to give it a go, and thought that while I was in the bath I would also try the “Stepping Stone Foot Scrub” the texture felt quite smooth for a scrub but it really did seem to soften my feet. I hadn’t used a specific foot scrub before and I think I would use that again. As I’m on my own I wasn’t sure how I would use the “Peace massage bar” – but gave it a go, I tried it on my arms, legs and body. The scent was very light and calming and although it did leave my skin feeling great, I don’t know as if I would say it was felt like a massage – possible due to doing it myself, but I think if you had a partner who could massage your back for you it would be perfect!!


I would certainly use the facial serum, and the foot scrub again for sure, I think I would maybe go for a different bath ballistic though, something with a scent that is more “me” and personally I wouldn’t choose the massage bar again for the reasons above but would probably recommend it to others, and I would definitely recommended the other products, and I have also bought other items from Lush in the past and would recommended the brand to all.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.95

Available to buy in Lush stores or online from Lush here.

4 Star

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