Tesco Takeaway Pizzas Review


Reviewed by Tammy Linsell

If I had to choose one food and one food only to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be pizza. I love it! Oddly however, even though I’m pretty adventurous in what I eat, my tastes in pizza are a little pedestrian and when I’m in an Italian restaurant I never deviate from Pepperoni or Napolitano (that’s the one with the anchovies). So when I was asked to review the new range of Tesco’s Takeaway Pizza I’m afraid I stuck to form. The choices were:

XXX Pepperoni Inferno Pizza (Limited Edition) 385g
Smoky New Yorker Hot Dog Crust Pizza (Limited Edition) 505g
Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza (Limited Edition) 385g
Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza 490g
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza 490g
4 Cheese Feast Pizza 355g
Pepperoni Feast Pizza 380g
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza 400g
Finger Lickin’ Piri Piri Chicken Pizza 420g
Mexican Chilli Beef Nacho Pizza 400g

I went for Stuffed Crust Pepperoni, XXX Pepperoni Inferno, Stuffed Crust Cheese Feast (suitable for vegetarians) then I grew bolder and popped the Chilli Beef Nacho pizza into my basket. They retail at £3.75 each but at the time of writing are on offer at two for £6.

The bases have a lovely doughy consistency and the toppings are generous. I don’t normally buy the stuffed crust variety but I did enjoy these, there was plenty of cheesy filling. My partner and I both had to take gulps of water while we consumed the XXX Pepperoni Inferno, but to be fair the box displays a picture of 3 chilli peppers indicating that it’s hot, so we should have known. A nice addition is the little tub of dip supplied with each pizza, meant for dipping, but being uncouth Geordies we just poured ours straight on.

Of the four varieties we sampled we were both in agreement that the Chilli Beef Nacho was our favourite. Lots of minced beef and sprinkled with nachos, so perhaps next time we’ll be braver and try another of the inventive toppings that Tesco have come up with, maybe the Finger Lickin’ Piri Piri or the Smoky New Yorker Hot Dog.

The pizzas heat up in the oven in between 11 and 14 minutes. Some are suitable for freezing; others aren’t, so check the box before you buy.

These are delicious pizzas and I would certainly buy them again. Personally I don’t like them as much as the Tesco’s “Finest” range, though the latter are more expensive per 100g and I think this new Takeaway line will appeal to kids. They’re value for money, quick to heat up, and just the thing for a Saturday night in with a bottle of beer and a DVD.

Rating: 4/5

Tesco Takeaway Pizzas cost £3.75 each and can be purchased in store or online at www.tesco.com.

4 Star

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