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Little Tikes Magic Flower Water Table Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

As a well known household name; a Little Tikes product is guaranteed to bring you a quality durable toy. You know that you will be getting something that will last for years, give endless fun and can be passed on once outgrown.

We hadn’t even opened the box and the kids were buzzing with excitement at the prospect of what was inside. Their eyes darting across the alluring images on the packaging of children having the time of their lives playing with the Magic Flower Water Table, they longed to rip open the brightly coloured box and explore. You can gauge exactly what the product is as each key element is clearly depicted in vibrant colour and detail with phrases of what the different parts do.

I was amazed by how small and compact the parcel was considering the size of the final built product. We all got stuck in with opening the contents which was separated into lots of individual plastic bags – these could be grouped to reduce the plastic waste.   The instruction booklet was very easy to follow and it gave an approximate build time of 30 minutes – it actually only took us 20 minutes which was great.

The larger plastic sections were sturdy and made with brilliant detail to help bring the tree to life and blends in nicely in the garden environment. Specific parts are “keyed to fit” so you cannot go wrong with how it fits together. The only tricky bit was screwing the base screws in as you need a small enough tool to fit at an angle but with a big enough screw head to turn the screw, just take extra care here to avoid scratching the plastic.

The children really enjoyed inspecting each bit and using the box as a visual guide to guess what parts went where and once fully constructed it’s actually quite a solid piece that due to its clever shape is still lightweight enough for a grown up to move. When filled with water the table is weighted down so it won’t tip over during play. I love the fact that it can allow several children to play happily all at once meaning less squabbling!

So what actually does it do? Let’s start with our 3 year olds favourite part; the magical flower. It is secretly tucked away in the top section and just like magic; it grows and blooms when water is poured onto it. This resulted in shrieks of delight at the excitement of being able to “make it grow” and as the water filters down through the table, you can enjoy this time and again. The other water pool sections are staggered and set apart, growing in size and ending with a large pool base at the bottom which allow for different water play whether it be the spinning stacking turtles, the spurting frogs,  the bobbing fish or the floating ducks. All these are moveable so can be used independently as well as with the table.  It also comes with a decent sized watering can and two small water scoops which can hang neatly on the edge of the base pool. Our 6 year old enjoyed using the watering can both on the Water Table and elsewhere in the garden.

This toy is aimed at ages 24 months to 6 years and I think this is accurate. It is perfect for our 3 year old who spends lots of time exploring, pouring, splashing and learning with the Water Table. This keeps her entertained due to its diverse nature and it is also great for having little friends round for play dates as there is something for all of them to do. Our 6 year old enjoyed discovering the different workings of the table and certainly enjoyed it but as more of a novelty.

Children love anything with water, it can be fun as well as relaxing and something like this will prove invaluable to have in your garden this summer. The Magic Flower Water Table is a beautifully designed toy that will engage your child’s imagination and encourage play. It will occupy a young mind and develop motor skills. If you are looking for something fun for the kids this summer, then this is a certain winner!

5/5 star product!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

This product can be purchased from the Little Tikes website here.

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