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Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

My children were over the moon that we were chosen to review this pirate ship water table, to be honest I was quite pleased too as it not only looks really fun but another activity to do outside at the moment is very very welcome. The pirates and the boat have appealed to all three of them and the bright colours and chunky design make it really eye catching and engaging from the start.

It gets delivered in a huge box giving you an idea of the size of the table once all assembled. There are a lot of parts when you open the box and tip it out, all in bags and also a sheet of instructions which are handy. The instructions suggest you use an electric screwdriver and I would definitely echo this. The plug is the first thing that needs to be put in, this is no easy feat in itself, it takes a lot of strength and a good shove to get it in to the position it should be in, it is a very very tight fit – this is a good thing though as it’s the only thing stopping the water from coming straight out. Once it is in place however the stopper is easy to pop in and out to drain the table. The next thing to put on are the legs, now this is where the electric screwdriver will come in handy. The first screw I tried to with a regular screwdriver, this resulted in huge arm ache and was really really hard work! So the next 5 screws were put in using the electric one!
The rest of the assembly in comparison was relatively easy, the instructions were easy to follow and the pieces all slot into their corresponding holes well.

The table once up is a very good size, plenty of room for all three of my little monsters to play together and also enough for them to all be able to play with something too, there are lots of options to play with, a cannon – that is a water pistol, a slide for the pirates to use, a wheel to steer the ship, a big mast that has a pump to get the water to the top, as it falls back down it spins the wheels and cascades off of the sail. There are lots of interactive parts to wind, spin, push and float, plenty to do and plenty to keep small people occupied.

The table comes with 2 pirates and a water squirting shark, there is a small boat to float around in and also a life buoy so you can play pirates and make up pirate stories and scenarios to your hearts content.

I asked my three what they liked the most about the pirate ship and this is what they said, Thomas (7) “I like it loads, the only part I don’t like about it is getting soaked!” 

Edward (5) “I like the slide to slide the pirates down”

Emily (3) “I like the windy up bit (anchor)”

This ship is perfect to keep them busy, I filled it up with some warm water as it is still a bit chilly out at the moment, they all played out with it for a good hour the first time before they came in soaked – you can get rather accurate with the cannon if you want to be!). We have had it for a few days now and it gets played with a lot, my 5 and 3 year old love it and spend almost all of their time in the garden playing pirates and use the rest of the garden as land and then ‘sail away’ in the ship. It is definitely a welcome addition to our garden, it is keeping them amused and having fun. Anything that might help alleviate boredom currently is a very welcome distraction and we love this and for the price I would say it is well worth it too.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £79.99

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