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Little Brians 2 In 1 Classic Paint Stick Art Station Review


Reviewed by H Whetton

The Little Brian’s 2 in 1 Art studio looks brilliant on the box, it claims to be mess free, contain everything to get your little one painting, and mobile.  Big statements! so we gave it a try.  On opening the box, we found a bright orange and purple easel.  One side of the easel is a chalk board, and the other side is a white board.  When we opened the easel, we found six pastel chalk pens, six colourful paint pens,10 sheets of white drawing paper and a bright orange fluffy chalk duster.  The easel also holds four bright pots to hold your art supplies, along with a side holder and six holders for the chalk sticks. The side container does hold all six chalk pens, and the lid does clip down.  There is also a clip on the top of the white board to hold the paper steady.  The easel does look and contain everything that is shown on the front of the box, so your child can start creating fridge masterpieces straight away.  When your child has finished their masterpiece it all packs away tidily, its small enough and mobile enough to store anywhere.

The chalk pens are lovely pastel colours, easy to use on paper, the chalk board and of course the black board.  As the chalk is encased in a pen, they are easy to use, you just wind up from the bottom, the chalk does not smudge, they are fantastic to draw with and easy to write with.  Best of all you do not get all the chalk dust all over your hands or clothes, which is a huge bonus.  The set comes with a bright orange chalk duster, I did find a touch of water needed the first time we cleaned the chalk board; however, we may have pressed down a bit too hard when writing with the chalk.  I do like the six chalk holders to store the chalk whilst your child is making their masterpiece, it kept them all in one space and easy to find.  The same is with the paint pots, they are great to hold the paint sticks whilst your child is being creative, and they can easily switch between the two.

The paint pens are bright and chunky, again you wind up from the bottom to get more paint.  Being chunky they are great for little hands.  You do not need any water to use the paint pens, which means no mess painting.  The paint dries quickly, the box states within 60 seconds, and there about right.  The effect you get using the pens really does look like your children have had the paint brushes out.  The paint and chalk pens are Non-Toxic just in case your child likes the taste of chalk or paint.  If your child does happen to get any paint on them it does wash out at 30 degrees, we did check.

The art studio is completely mobile, and mess free so your child can transport their art anywhere, as it does not need water your child could even take their art studio outside to play.

I really like the Little Brian 2 in 1, classic paint sticks, art studio, I love the fact it comes with everything your child needs to start painting as soon as they open the box, and I really like the fact that it is mobile.  For a complete art set I think it is a great price.  The manufacturers recommend an age rating of 3+ years old.
For these reasons I am giving the Little Brian’s, 2 in 1,Classic paint sticks, art station.

Rating: 5/5.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Classic Art Station: Little Brian Paint Sticks Classic Art Station, 3 years + : Stationery & Office Supplies
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