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BFF By Cry Babies Dreamy and Rym Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

My daughter is already a big fan of Cry Babies, she has a few of the Magic Tears dolls and loves watching the show so when the opportunity came up to review Dreamy and Rym from the BFF range I knew she would be delighted and I jumped at the chance.

The BFF range is the Cry Babies in teen form.  Dreamy is a favourite in my house because of her affinity with unicorns and you could say my daughter is a unicorn enthusiast.  Dreamy also has a talent for skating so we are delighted they also come with the set.

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the toy, at around 20cm tall it is much larger than the Magic Tears dolls and an excellent size for little hands to grasp and play with.

It was relatively easy to remove from the box and needs no assembly, it does require a battery but this is included which is always a bonus on the chaos of Christmas morning.

Dreamy has long sparkly pink hair, with a rainbow fringe, she comes with a sparkly jacket and shorts set and a rainbow body suit, socks, trainers (which have clip on roller-skates), a rainbow bag and a necklace, her limbs are fully articulating so there is lots of free movement, Rym is the Unicorn who has a marching rainbow mane and tail, her front legs are articulating.  The most special feature is when you bow her head her horn glows and she neighs, plays music and makes magical sounds.  Rym has a removable saddle which Dreamy sits perfectly in, there are stirrups to place her feet in so she won’t fall off during play.

My daughter squealed when she saw it and it keeps her engaged for such a long time, because of the generous size of the doll she was able to integrate it easily with her other dolls when playing.

The toys feel really sturdy and are made of a hard wearing plastic so will stand a fair bit of rough play which is ideal as this toy is suitable for 3 years and up.

This was a lot of fun to play with, my only slight disappointment was that they aren’t real wheels on Dreamy’s roller skates but otherwise I am really impressed with the quality of the toy.

This toy is available from many retailers, RRP £44.99 which is quite steep, however I was able to find this item for cheaper at £29.99 from a few stores with promotions and I would be happy to pay this amount, particularly as you could look at it like you have 2 toys in 1 with both the doll and the unicorn.

I would highly recommend this toy for any little Cry Babies fans and would equally be enjoyed by someone who wasn’t into the series but loves to play with dolls (and unicorns).  It’s not too late to get it on the list for Santa.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £45 (currently found at £29.99) with promotion here on Very.

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