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Lelli-Kelly School Shoes From Charles Clinkard Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

There’s not many items of clothing that my 6 year old wants more than Lelli-Kelly shoes! I have heard about them – regularly – and if I’m being totally honest always assumed they were a bit of a fad. According to her other girls in school have them and she really really wants them. So when I told her we would be getting a pair to review, the squeals were quite ear-piercing! So far so good, happy child, happy Mummy.

Fast-forward to them arriving, which really wasn’t long, the postage was super quick. The shoe box itself featured a very pretty floral pattern and I was surprised at the extent of the contents. The box not only contained the shoes but also a pair of socks (adorned with pink unicorns), numerous exchangeable bows (hearts are also an option) and felt-tip pens. Along with a little booklet detailing what to do with the bows. These were the Colourissma Girls Infant Mary Jane school shoes.

The shoes themselves are a really nice black patent leather Mary Jane style with Velcro fastening and also a beautiful bow attached to the strap. These seemed really sturdy and definitely something I would choose myself (with my practical Mum of a school child head on) and absolutely a style that my daughter loves. I especially like the Velcro fastening, as at this age laces are still a little beyond her and buckles are still occasionally frustrating for her. Being able to fasten shoes up yourself, I have learnt, is very important when you are a 6 year old girl, so that aspect got a thumbs up from us both.

My daughter soon informed me that the bow comes off and can be swapped with the other bows supplied in the box. Upon investigation we found that the other bows could be coloured in using the felt-tip pens supplied. So my daughter got to ‘design’ her own feature bows. She wasted no time in doing so! The booklet, even has some blank templates so she could practice her designs on there first, to save risking any major errors (and meltdowns) on the final item. The 2 coloured felt-tips are accompanied by a magic pen that can be used to change the colours giving 4 colours in total Pink, blue, green and yellow. My daughter was in her element and spent some time on the designs and enjoying the ownership this gave her on her new ‘stylish shoes’.

When she eventually tried on the shoes they fit really well and she reported back that they were very comfortable; so comfortable in fact that she hasn’t taken them off for days! I do really like them and particularly enjoyed watching her get so much out of them. She has other school shoes but these have been the shoes of choice since she got them. Inside the shoes is also leather and the quality is very good.
After a week of wear the shoes don’t seem to have aged at all, there are no scuff marks and scratches which, with poorer quality shoes tend to happen straight away. The tread seems really durable and again has shown no sign of wear so far.

These shoes are priced at £57.90 and can be purchased from Charles Clinkard who also offer free delivery on purchases over £40 I think that the shoes are great value for money considering not just the quality but also the whole experience of my little girl getting them. She was a fan of these shoes before getting them but now having had the joy of designing her own accessories with ‘magic’ pens, she loves them even more now. It’s given her a sense of pride in them and they are put carefully away on a shelf at the end of the day (unlike her other shoes) ready to picked out again in the morning. I give them a 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £57.90

This product can be purchased from the Charles Clinkard website here.

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