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KoochiSpeedstar1Speedstar Stroller

Reviewed by Sian Manning

We were very excited to be able to put the Koochi Speedstar through its paces. I have a very active two year old (Thomas) and a laid back four month old (Edward) so we’ve really been able to trial it to the maximum. The stroller is suitable from birth to approximately 3 years. We chose the Speedstar in primary yellow, which is very striking and attention grabbing. Everything is coordinated to the colour you choose, right down to the frame, handle grips and wheels, it’s touches like this that show Koochi have really thought about the little details. There are a wide range of colours available with something to suit all tastes.

The stroller arrived in a long box (perfect for turning into a tunnel) with Koochi branding around the outside. Inside the box the stroller was wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it safe and clean during transit. After emptying the box, we took the stroller out of the bag, there is a cable tie holding the frame tight shut, unfortunately while removing it, as it was so tight I scratched the frame (please learn from my mistake and be very careful here). The instruction booklet is attached to the harness, it is easy to remove to have a quick look through to familiarise yourself with the workings of the Speedstar. The two front wheels need to be popped into place, this is very simple as they slot right on. These can be locked straight kept unlocked to let them swivel depending on preference.

The stroller is very easy to open up, a flick of the wrist and its up, next to attach is the hood, there are two plastic notches that the hood very easily slots onto and Velcro around the edges to get a secure fit with the seat and frame.

Also included in the box is a changing bag, this is made with colour coordinating fabric, there is a changing mat in the bag and also a wet bag for any dirty bits and pieces while you are out to save the interior lining of the bag. The bag is plenty big enough for a full day out to pack all the essentials needed to keep you and baby happy.

Next up there is a cosy toes, again in matching colours, this is lined in a soft fleecy material and is perfect to keep little ones warm on a chilly day. It attaches to the seat of the Speedstar using Velcro and has slots for the harness to go through.

The final item is a rain cover, this fits perfectly over the hood and poppers into place. The fit ensures that any little passengers will stay snug and dry in their stroller.

Once it was all up and assembled we were ready to take it for a spin. First up was Thomas, he was so excited to jump in, he got straight into the seat. This gave me the opportunity to test out the harness and how easy it was to adjust, as with everything else this was a very simple task and didn’t take long to do. We sat the seat up using the pull chord on the back, we did find that it doesn’t seem to sit up far enough and Thomas was trying to sit up further and pulling the seat with him using the harness. He also seemed to be very slouched in the seat, he is quite a small two year old but the seat didn’t seem to be deep enough or at the right angle which caused him to slide forward and slouch, making him uncomfortable.


Next up was Edwards turn, for him we laid the seat back all the way and raised the leg rest, he was incredibly comfortable lying down and fell asleep straight away. Once he had woken up we sat the seat up, he likes to sit up and be nosey, but again we found that the seat doesn’t sit up-right enough and even Edward was able to pull it further using the harness. The seat seemed to be a better fit for Edward and he looked comfier than Thomas did although he was still slouching a little.

The Speedstar pushes really nicely, it’s a lovely smooth ride, the handles are very comfortable to hold, the foam grips make it fit your hand well. Turning is a breeze and you can literally turn on a sixpence, a brilliant feature when stuck in a tiny lift or trying to manoeuvre in a crowded shop. It’s a well weighted stroller which makes going up and down kerbs an easy task too.

The hood goes up and down easily using two clips, one on each side, although for sunny days this could do with being bigger as it doesn’t provide much shade when the seat is sat up. When the seat is laying back the hood fits perfectly around the back of the seat and secures with Velcro, this ensures there will be no draft inside.

There is a small net under the stroller which is good for putting shopping, toys or miscellaneous items in, which is always handy.

The Speedstar folds up as easily as it opens, there is a handy handle to pull up once you have flipped a latch and the stroller folds into itself and clips together making it easily manageable. There is a handle on the frame so that it can be easily carried and loaded into car or put away for storage. Once folded it is very small and easily fits into the boot of a car, the cupboard under the stairs or the luggage area on the bus, which is great as you have more room for everything else that comes with a child!


All in all it is a good stroller for the price, you get a lot included and get a really great looking push chair, with added accessories.

I would say though that it seemed, for us, to be more comfortable for babies than toddlers.


  • Suitable from birth up to maximum weight of 15 kg (approx. 3 years old)
  • Fleece-lined Cosy Toes with zip-off liner
  • Changing bag
  • Cup holder
  • Lightweight umbrella – fold chassis with autolock
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Lockable swivel front wheels
  • Multi-position recline & adjustable calf support
  • Removable hood and raincover
  • Removable 5 point harness with chest pads & tummy pad
  • Large spacious shopping basket
  • Complies with EN1888:2012

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £140/£150 (dependent on colour option)

Available to buy from Koochi here.

3 half Star

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