Koochi Kickstart Car Seat Review

KoochiKickstartKickstart Car Seat

Reviewed by Sian Manning

We were over the moon to get chosen to review the Kickstart car seat from Koochi. It is a group 1 car seat so fits from approximately 9 months to 4 years. We chose the seat in primary yellow, which is lovely and bright and really catches your attention. It is also available in pink.

The car seat arrived in a big sturdy cardboard box, with Koochi branding on all the sides, there was no missing what was inside. Inside the box the car seat was wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it during transit. Once I had taken the seat out of the box and removed it from the bag I was able to see how vibrant the colours and design really were. The seat requires no assembly so it’s just a case of detaching the instructions from the seat harness and removing the fire safe label before sitting down to familiarise yourself with the fitting and installation instructions.

The instructions are very easy to read through and understand, which is always a plus point! There are pictures included that show correct and incorrect ways of fitting the seat with written instructions too.

Any alterations to the height of the straps is easy to do, the harness is attached by a couple of metal loops on the back of the seat, detaching, threading and reattaching is a lot easier than I anticipated it to be.

The installation of the car seat is very simple too, as it fits with the seat belt, following the instructions it can be installed and ready to #GetInGetOut in a matter of minutes. The seat belt threads through the car seat and then a further safety clip is attached to the seat belt, this makes the fit feel really tight and secure.

Once the seat was in the car it was time to get my two year old tester (Thomas). The first thing Thomas did was pointed out it was yellow, this to him is a plus point, but then so was the huge box it came in (which is perfect for a new den). I lifted him into the seat and buckled up the harness, it has a very handy pull cord to tighten the straps and an even handier button to loosen them when needed.

There is also a handle under the front lip of the seat which when pulled reclines the seat, this is variable so can be adjusted to wherever your child is comfiest. Thomas loves this feature and kept asking for it to be up. This can then be put back down to the sitting position by doing the opposite.


The seat has cushions positioned on the seat, under the bottom and behind the head, these add extra comfort and also make the fit of the chair better and also made Thomas feel more secure.

The final test was a journey out in the seat, Thomas was very happy, very comfortable, loving the recline feature and was so content in his new seat that he fell asleep almost straight away. Well once the excitement had worn off a little! He looked incredibly comfortable and really enjoyed his first outing in his new yellow seat.

The Kickstart seat is fantastic value for money, it’s bright, bold, brilliant quality and superb design. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a group 1 car seat.


  • Suitable from 9kg to 18kg (from approx. 9 months to approx. 4 years old)
  • Forward facing on front and rear vehicle seats
  • Universal fit
  • Compatible with standard 3 point seat belt
  • 5 point safety harness with quick-release buckle
  • 3 position recline for snoozing
  • Comfy, reversible 2 part seat liner
  • Tummy & chest pads
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Complies with ECE R44.04

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £100

Available to buy from Koochi here.


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