Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game Review


Reviewed by Kirstie Fruen

Great, easy to play game.

The box is beautiful, very Disney Princess. I really love the fact the counters are replicas of the Palace Pets, no more red, green, blue and yellow coloured counters!

Upon opening the box, the whole game is very compact, despite the fact you have to build it up to make the palace rooms.

The play pieces, room divider holders and playing cards are the first things to be removed from the box and are held in place by a plastic tray. The play pieces are very well made from a sturdy silicone type plastic and have a plastic base so they can’t fall over and they are big enough for the 3 year old+ hands that the game says it is suitable for.

The playing cards (all have pictures of something that is in the rooms of the game to spot/match up depending on which room you are in) are quite stuck together once they are out of the cellophane wrapper but a quick fan and they soon unstick.

Next out, the instructions, these are brief and one side concentrates solely on the initial set up of the game. The other side concentrates on game play.

At the bottom of the box is the base of the board, clock face, spinner (already put together) and the room dividers.

Before you can play, you need to build the board. Building the board is easy, all the pieces on the first play need popping out of their cardboard holders. But that’s simple enough as all the 4 pieces are well perforated and pop out with ease, no ripping or tearing here.

There are 2 plastic bases, (these hold the room dividers up and were in the plastic tray) which push into the base of the game board, a little adult persuasion and they are in. I’m sure this will get easier to do with future play.

Once you have placed these plastic holders into the game board and have inserted the room dividers into these you have a wonderful 3d game board set up with 7 different rooms.


The game is easy enough to play once you have read the brief instructions, one read and I think you would know what you’re doing!

The moves are made via a spinner rather than a dice. Very easy for tiny hands. You move your pet through the room’s doors which are already pre-cut out.

To start you take 3 of the playing cards from the pack and turn them face up next to the board, this gives you something to try to find on the first go. You also remove the 4 segments from the clock face (which looks more like a tray than a clock).

Choose who starts first and they spin the spinner. There are 5 segments on the spinner where the arrow can stop.

They are:

Add a piece to the clock face. Once all of the four pieces of the clock face are added the game is over. This means you can only land on this section 4 times.

Move up to 2 rooms and turn over 2 more cards from the pack for players to match.

Turn over 3 cards from the pack for players to match and move nowhere.

Move up to 3 rooms and turn over no additional cards.

Move 1 room and turn over 1 card from the pack for players to match.

Spin the spinner and follow the instructions shown on the spinner board. You can match as many of the cards shown as is in the room you move yourself to. For example, you land in the tiara room and you can match 5 cards to the room, you take all 5 cards. Equally you may find yourself in a room you think you can make a match and there isn’t a matching card for anything in that room – I happened to do this a couple of times!

So you have collected cards, moved rooms many times and the clock face is now full! No more moves can be made now and you count up how many cards you have collected whilst moving around the rooms.

The person with the most cards is the winner.

I have played this game with my 4 and 3 year olds. Simply, it’s a game of pairs, but in a very fun, 3d princess way!

I would recommend this to anyone with a princess (or princess loving prince) of their own! I would award this game top marks.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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