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Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game Review

Reviewed by Emma Mourant

Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is a mix and match game. The objective is to make Disney Princess inspired cupcakes.

The packaging is eye catching (a clear window displays 10 colourful plastic cupcakes), sturdy and easy to open. Within the box a hexagonal cut out houses the 15 game tiles which keeps them tidy and helps prevent them from getting lost. Likewise, a specific space has been created within the box for the 10 cupcakes and a plastic cover has been included to prevent them falling out or moving within the box. The drawback of this is that the cupcakes have to be put back into their original formation to fit neatly within this plastic lid which can be time consuming. No scissors are required to remove pieces from the box and no assembly is necessary before play can commence. Likewise, no batteries are required for the game so play can begin immediately.

Contained within the box are 10 Enchanted Cupcakes (40 interchangeable pieces), 15 Game Tiles, 10 Recipe Cards and a rules manual. The cupcakes are brightly coloured and eye catching, appealing to the target audience. The rules manual contains short, simple instructions accompanied by clear diagrams which are easy to follow.

Players have a choice of using the pink or purple recipe cards. The game contains 10 of these cards however the players can decide how many to use at any given time, enabling the length of play to be adapted to the time available. On your turn, you turn over one of the game tiles and follow the instructions within the rules manual depending on which type of tile you selected. This part of the game encouraged my daughter to pay attention to detail as she matched the tile she had chosen to the description of what she had to then do, as listed on the rules manual. My daughter is three, the minimum age listed on the box and managed this with ease. American terminology “frostings” and spellings are used for example “color” which confused my daughter, her having recently learnt to spell and recognise words. Players attempt to build as many cupcakes as they can before all four clock tiles have been drawn or a player successfully builds all of the cupcakes listed on their cards.

My daughter really enjoyed playing with this game and has extended the play by using the cupcakes for role play with her toys. The pieces are small and she did find assembling some parts difficult. In addition to being fun, the game promotes fine motor skills, improving dexterity.  This game kept my daughter engaged for much longer than other games she has however there is the possibility of the game ending after just a few moves due to the limited number of game cards.


In summary, the product did meet my expectations.  It was good quality with clear and easy to follow instructions. I foresee us getting lots of use from the game. There were also educational components of the game for example matching, sorting and learning colours.

I would recommend the product to others but would be reluctant to pay the full price of £17.99. I have seen it advertised from £9.99 which is much more reasonable and in line with what I would hope to play for a child’s game.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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