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Disney Pretty as a Picture Game Review

Reviewed by Julia Stanley

Pretty as a Picture is a children’s game based on matching. It is a Disney Princess themed game in which players have to create pictures piece by piece to complete Palace Pets portraits.

My 3 year old daughter’s eyes lit up when we received this game. It comes packed in a small but sturdy pink box. The box contains: 54 portrait tiles, 6 frame trays, 1 spinner, 6 movers, 6 mover bases and instructions.

The game is based on ages 3+ and can have 2-6 players. The players each have their own Disney Princess mover (made of cardboard and a pink base) and you put the 6 frames in the circle. The portrait tiles are lying face down. Each player takes it in turn to use the spinner and will either have to choose some cards or move to another portrait. If you choose cards, you match them to the correct portrait (a bit like a jigsaw puzzle) and if you move portraits, you can choose where to go. The winner is the player whose princess is on a completed portrait at the end.

Things we loved included the bright colours, the jigsaw element of the games, the inclusion of Disney Princesses and the fact that all the pieces fitted back into the box with ease!

The rules were quite difficult to grasp for my daughter but it was easy to adapt it to the basic ‘matching’ game. The Disney Princess pieces are made of cardboard and I can imagine they could be easily damaged. It is very girly so will only appeal to boys if they like Disney Princesses or pink!


Nevertheless we enjoyed playing it and have played this game many times already.

Pretty as a Picture retails at £9.99 which is reasonable. I would buy this for someone else, especially children who enjoy puzzles and matching.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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