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Kilner® All In 1 Food To Go Set Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

The name Kilner® is synonymous with quality and their unique, timeless style. I’ve used many of their jars over the years, mostly for pickles and preserves. There’s something very satisfying about the audible click of a Kilner® jar when you release the traditional metal clasp. Because of this, I was intrigued to be sent something new and innovative from Kilner®. The All in 1 Food To Go Set.

The product name is a perfect description. It’s a large (0.5ltr), wide-mouthed, beaker-style glass jar. This time it’s a screw top rather than the ubiquitous Kilner® clasp, but it passes the ergonomic ‘good to touch’ test.

It’s designed to store your homemade meals to consume on the go. The jar has a useful millilitre and US Fluid Oz scale embossed into the glass. There’s a separate silicone garnish pot which can store toppings or dressings for your snacks. This is ideal for keeping them crisp and fresh, away from the main dish. I’m thinking coconut, and peanuts for curry, fresh vegetables to add some crunch to homemade noodle dishes, fresh fruit to add to porridge, and dressings for layered salads).

It’s ideal for the office, or if you’re working from home, it’s still useful to make your lunch in advance to save yourself some time.

A combined spoon and fork (spork) is included, which fastens quite neatly to the side of the vessel. However, and this is the only reason I haven’t awarded the product a maximum rating, the spikes of the spork sit quite proud of the lid. If it was carried, uncovered, in a rucksack, or bag, I can imagine some painful accidents. This is only a minor gripe, and I would simply cover the spikes with a napkin, or store it separately.

My first test was a portion of bircher-style porridge. Porridge oats left to soak overnight. It worked a treat, and when combined with some fresh fruit, sprinkled on from the garnish pot, it was a lovely fresh late breakfast, easily consumed at my desk.

The following day I used it for a desk-based lunch; a light chicken curry. Some fresh peanuts and chilli garnish were stored in the silicone garnish box.
When it came to lunchtime, I simply removed the lid (and spork) pulled up the silicone stopper (which is located in the base of the garnish pot) to create an air vent. The jar is then microwaved for a couple of minutes. I then added the topping. It certainly beat boring sandwiches.

The Kilner® website has a few more recipients, including a vegetable-based Thai noodle dish. The options are limitless.

The set is microwave safe (although, obviously remove the metal pieces), and dishwasher safe. If you require the precise measurements, they’re:- Width: 110 mm, Height: 190 mm, and Length: 140 mm.

The traditional Kilner® jars are often copied, but never equalled in quality, and this new product is a continuation of their first-class tradition.

This is a lovely, high-quality, robust product, and I can see myself using it regularly in the office and while out and about. I would highly recommend it as a present to yourself or a gift to others.

Rating: 4/5


This product can be purchased from the Kilner® website here.

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