Kallo Veggie Cakes Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

I’m always on the lookout for new lunch time options as I find bread a bit heavy but incredibly easy and so that’s often what we have. I’m a huge fan of all types of crackers and hard breads and I particularly enjoy corn cakes, so I was very interested to hear about veggie cakes which are a new product from Kallo, well known makers of rice cakes.

Kallo veggie cakes are made of lentil and pea. They’re available in two savoury flavours – beetroot or spinach and pesto. My first impression was that the packaging was very attractively designed and easy to open and reseal although it does say on the back that they should be kept in an airtight container once opened. The veggie cakes smell quite nice when you open the pack and they look very similar to a rice cake, sort of puffy and a bit like squished together popcorn. In terms of texture they are crisp and crunchy, I think it must be the peas that add an occasional extra crunch which I must admit, did take me by surprise but once I got used to it, I quite liked it.

The beetroot veggie cakes are seasoned with a beetroot and balsamic flavour which makes me feel a bit like I’m eating crisps but without the actual crisp. For this reason they’re quite enjoyable on their own but I decided to try topping them and serving as part of a normal everyday family lunch topped with leftovers from dinner the previous night, I had celeriac remoulade, grated carrot and fennel on the beetroot veggie cake which was a nice change from the something cheesy I usually eat at lunchtime. The Spinach and pesto flavour veggie cake is also nice as a crunchy snack, but I was surprised to find how nice it was topped with blue cheese and rocket.

Kallo veggie cakes are high in protein containing 25g protein per 100g product. They’re also gluten free and with only 40 calories per veggie cake they are a healthy option that would suit many diets. Many people are currently looking to increase the number of plant substances and also the amount of protein they consume and so a new type of plant based snack will no doubt be welcomed. They’re suitable for vegetarians and are vegan friendly although there is a disclaimer about manufacturing techniques on the package. The main ingredient is lentil flour of which there is 76%.

The Kallo website has lots of suggestions for toppings which would work nicely with these veggie cakes such as grilled goats’ cheese with roasted peppers or cranberries and brie but personally I prefer eating them just as they are with no topping at all. I gave one to my toddler but she just licked off the tasty seasoning and didn’t eat the nutritious lentil cake, so I think I’ll keep them to myself from now on.

Available to buy at Sainsburys and Waitrose

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £2.50

You can purchase this item from Sainsburys here

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