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Judge Soup Maker Review

Reviewed by Amanda Browne

I was recently asked to review a Soup Maker from Judge Cookware. The product came well packaged and was in a sturdy box and even comes with a recipe book.

The Judge Soup Maker helps you create homemade soups in around 20 minutes. Not only does it make soup but hot and cold drinks (hot chocolate, milk shakes, smoothies). It pulses with stainless steel blades, reheats soups and sauces and cooks eggs with 4 hole egg cooker attachment. It has a locking lid with removable fill cap and a jug capacity of 1.7L (soup capacity 1.2L). It is equipped with a 300W motor and an 800W heater.

To test it, I prepared a potato and leek soup.

I have to say I struggled initially. I had some blonde cooking moment. It appears I dropped something on the sensor. Once I overcame the blonde malfunction the product worked well. I did try and follow instructions, they were fairly clear but I initially couldn’t work out what had gone wrong.

I filled the jug with the ingredients for my soup. I was astonished that after 20 minutes I had a finished soup… three servings worth!! What a revelation. I loved it. I had made a good tasting homemade soup with minimal effort. Five out of five for me. I have made soup many times and genuinely think this is so easy.

Now that I have this soup maker it’s going to be the first of many homemade soups.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £160 (currently selling for around £80)

For more information and stockists visit www.judgecookware.co.uk. Available to buy online from Amazon here.


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