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Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

I recently tested out 3 products from the Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature range on my 10 month old son, baby wipes, nose nuzzles and mucky mitts hand spray. 

My little boy is a bit sore at the moment as he is teething and so it was great to try out the wipes as they are alcohol free and kind on little bottoms. I was really pleased with the wipes, they were strong but still soft unlike some other brands I have tried and at £2.00 for a 64 pack I thought they were good value for a 99% natural product.

Ethan was not so keen on the nose nuzzles as they are quite wet, but they did their job well and cleaned up even once wet, now dried up noses! They are on offer at some stores at the moment for £1.30 for a 20 pack, but at the normal price of £2.00 I would probably stick to the wipes for everyday use and keep the nose nuzzles for travelling or days out, where it’s handy to have a smaller pack. 

My favourite thing about both these products is that they are biodegradable and compostable so they can go straight into my compost bin and not into landfill.

Lastly I tested the mucky mitts spray, we do a lot of travelling and I thought this was a handy product to keep in the changing bag. It worked well with sticky hands and light dirt, you would need water for heavily soiled hands but for after eating or falling over its perfect.

I will definitely be buying the wipes again as an everyday product.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

For more information and stockists visit www.jacksonreece.com

Reviewed by Jenny Jackman

Baby Wipes
I am always on the search for natural alternatives for my children and was delighted to come across these! They very gentle, have a nice smell and are lovely and moist.

My little boy had a very nasty nappy rash and these didn’t sting or irritate his skin, he also has very sensitive skin on his face and they were lovely for cleaning him and they are so gentle!

Slightly more expensive than the normal brand I go for but I would happily pay the extra to help protect his sensitised skin.

I would absolutely recommend these and will be switching to them from now on!

Rating: 5/5

Hand Sanitiser
This product is lovely, smells so fresh, doesn't sting and comes in a convenient pen-like design. Such an innovative design, fits easily into pockets, purses, changing bags etc…!

Lovely and gentle, I would definitely recommend this. I will be investing in one for every bag! Reasonable price too!

Rating: 5/5

Nose Nuzzle Wipes
Such a wonderful product, convenient little wipes for wiping the teeniest of noses! My children all had a bad cold and very red noses from all of the wiping and once I used these wipes the redness calmed down and they were lovely and cooling.

Reasonably priced, I would definitely recommend them to others!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

As a parent of 16 month old twins I am always on the lookout for products that will keep my boys safe, sound, clean and healthy. This range of products, Baby Wipes, Nose Nuzzles and Mucky Mitts Hand Sanitiser, from Jackson Reece fit the bill perfectly.

The green packaging on all 3 products is reassuring that not only are they safe for children they are environmentally green too. The wipes are natural and unscented. Made with organic ingredients and are hypoallergenic.

The Nose Nuzzles are a great idea. I know when the boys have runny noses I can never find the right size tissue to wipe away the snot! These nuzzles are just the thing for it. A smaller version of the baby wipes.

The hand sanitizer is excellent too. 99% natural ingredients 100% alcohol free just perfect for keeping hands clean and germ free.

All in all great products for your family and the environment. Everyone’s a winner!

Rating: 5/5

For more information and stockists visit www.jacksonreece.com

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