Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Good news advent calendars are not just for children, I still remember the joy an advent calendar used to bring when I was a child, when you were given your advent calendar you knew Christmas was on its way and in those days we were happy with just a picture behind the little windows, now there is such a variety of advent calendars for children and adults alike and in a range of prices, I’ve seen some that cost hundreds of pounds!

The cheese advent calendar is a great invention incorporating my two favourite c words cheese and Christmas, I did wonder how it would work as cheese has to be kept refrigerated , but guess what ? it is the exact size to fit in your fridge door ! just like any other advent calendar it has 24 numbered perforated doors one for each day in December leading up to Christmas Day , when you peel back the door the end of the cheese pack is peeping out and you pull it out to reveal the type of cheese you have for that day, they are individually wrapped 20g pieces which I think are enough for two crackers but my husband likes to use the full piece on one cracker,there are a total of nine varieties of cheese available and you never know which one you are going to get, as an extra bit of fun on the back of each door there is a “cheesy” joke here is one example , I had a dream last night about some cheese chasing me. I think I’m having hallouminations ! , there is a cheesy joke warning on the pack.

All the cheeses are from the Ilchester cheese company based in the heart of the West Country it is small British company founded in 1962 and has a very interesting story on its web site about how the company was started.
The outside of the pack is full of information , it lists nutrition information and ingredients for all nine varieties of cheese, all cheese is suitable for vegetarians,and all flavours are produced and packed in the UK,
the box is fully recyclable but the plastic film on the cheese is not ,however they are using 81% less plastic this year than they did on last years calendar.

If you visit the website “so wrong it’s nom“ you can read the full story of the cheese advent calendar , it is the invention of a lady called Annem Hobson and is a great success story from a prototype in 2016 to now being sold in major supermarkets in the Uk as well as USA, New Zealand,Austrailia ,Canada and some places in Europe.

I think this advent calendar would make a great gift to any cheese lovers with a birthday in November or couples with a wedding anniversary in November.

The advent calendar is available in the UK from Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and AmazonUK prices range from £15.99 to £8.00 so it’s worth shopping around .

Rating: 5/5


For more information, please visit the Ilchester Cheese website here.

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