Fornessi Baby Wrap Carrier Review


Reviewed by N Lock

Having a new baby is a huge change and it can feel as though you don’t get a moment to yourself. One of the biggest challenges is not having enough hands free to perform simple tasks like getting yourself a drink. The most natural solution I have found to this problem is to carry your baby in a stretchy wrap such as the Fornessi baby carrier close to your body where they really want to be. I’ve been using slings and baby carriers since my first baby arrived 8 years ago.

My preferred way to wear a wrap is to put it on at home and then just pop the baby in and out without taking it off myself, I can comfortably wear a coat over it if needed in the car etc. The material of the Fornessi wrap drapes softly and looks nice on and is cool and comfortable to wear with or without the baby in it. Although my one year old baby is towards the top of the weight range she still enjoys being carried in the Fornessi wrap and I find it very convenient as she likes to be picked up and put down a lot which I can do without taking the wrap off. The fabric feels as though it’s very thin and stretchy but once the baby is put into the wrap it feels very supportive and retains its comfort without needing to be tightened after a period of wear. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed and therefore I don’t get sore shoulders or backache from carrying my baby.

The Fornessi baby carrier is incredibly soft to touch, of the many stretchy wraps I’ve tried previously this is the least bulky. It moulds perfectly around your baby every time you put it on and provides consistent support from newborn, 3.6kg up to 11kg and is approved by the hip dysplasia institute. Once your baby is in the wrap, it’s easy to get their hips into the M position that’s essential for healthy hip development. It’s also easy to breastfeed whilst wearing the wrap by adjusting it slightly.

My favourite thing about this wrap is that it’s compostable. Made of 100% Lenzing modal which is wood fibre from responsibly managed beech trees, it is processed considerately using a non toxic method to produce a sustainable, strong, very light and breathable, baby soft fabric. Incredibly, it doesn’t need ironing and is washable at 30 degrees or even 40 degrees when necessary and can also be tumble dried which is extremely helpful in the early days of parenting which seem to be punctuated by spills or leaks of all kinds.

The Fornessi wrap is beautifully packaged without plastic, even the cards giving the QR code for the instructions are beautiful. As well as instructions and the TICKS guidelines on safe carrying there’s also a really good video tutorial with subtitles, handy for viewing whilst the baby is asleep on you. This is really important because it can be daunting the first time you try a stretchy wrap as they just seem so long when you first unfold them and a good video tutorial makes all the difference.

Wearing your baby in a wrap is comfortable and enjoyable for both of you, the Fornessi wrap is a superb baby carrier which is available in several beautiful colours and is an ecologically responsible choice. It would make a wonderful gift for any expectant parents or new baby.

RRP: £59

Rating: 5/5

This product can be purchased from the Fornessi website here.

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