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Shares Money Saving Tips For Christmas

Shoppers looking for ways to ensure a money-saving Christmas can benefit from the Top 10 ‘no-hell’ shopping tips revealed today by money-saving site

“The average family may be set to spend nearly £700 on presents this year but shoppers can now make their money go further than ever,” says Brad Blake, Managing Director of ILoveCashback, the UK’s only site to combine price comparison, voucher codes and cashback.

“Times are tight, so we’re only too happy to share our team’s top tips for affordable, and even free presents. You don’t have to be a Scrooge this festive season because with so many bargains available online, you can really make every penny of that £700, count."

ILoveCashback’s Top 10 Online Shopping Tips For Christmas

1. On the First Day of Christmas
My true love gave to me.. something FREE? Sites such as Freecycle are good for finding free things people no longer want. Collectables even! Remember you can also swap unwanted presents afterwards on exchange sites like swapz.. for things you do!

2. Tweet Tweet! ‘It’s Christmassssss!’
Follow your favourite retailers on Facebook or Twitter and you will be rewarded with vouchers and/or discounts, only handed out to followers.!/ilovecashback

3. Ho Ho Ho! Sell Your Clutter On eBay
Exorcise the Ghosts of Christmas past by clearing out your unwanted clutter and selling it on eBay! This will help pay for this year’s presents.

4. Beat The Christmas Rush!
Even online, still avoid impulse buys. Use the ‘Four-Day Rule’ and wait four days before buying so you can compare alternatives, or maybe decide not to buy at all. Even saving money on bargains is still spending money.

5. Get Brand-y
Keep in mind own brands, even online. Supermarkets like Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury's still offer their own products making online savings even greater. Look for two-for-one offers and free shipping for bulk orders.

6. Sleigh The Cost of Shipping
It's always worth enquiring if a retailer will allow an outside company to ship a product to your home if it sounds costly or you need it in a hurry. It could also save you £££s.

7. Chess Nuts Roasting By An Open Fire
Save money on computer games and entertain the family, and especially the kids, by playing free online games, including chess – or download demos and monthly trials by some leading brands

8. Santa’s All-Year-Round Grotto
British shoppers now spend £1 in every £10 online, enticed onto the web by the offer of sales., and they’re no Turkeys! Set up Google alerts for sales at your favourite shops as there are great offers all year round.

9. The Ghost of Christmas Future
Set a Christmas Challenge. Arrange your whole Christmas online and save so much cash, there’ll be enough left over for next year’s summer holiday! (as long as it doesn’t Rain, deer!). Even send Xmas cards on the net:

10. Santa’s Stocking
Stock up on necessities for the festive period, from toothpaste to deodorant, by buying online and in bulk. Yule save a fortune!

ILoveCashback is the UK’s only site to combine price comparison, voucher codes and cashback in one place.

The site has been shortlisted in the Best Cashback Site Category in the Consumer Moneyfacts Survey 2012.

ILoveCashback has also launched a new web browser add-on which means shoppers can earn cashback without even visiting the site.

Brad’s Cautionary Christmas Tales:

Take Your Security Seriously
“Don’t use your credit card at a site that is not 100 percent secure and make purchases only from your home computer. Public computers greatly increase the chance information will be stolen. Using a credit adds an extra layer of protection for insurance.”

Don’t Get Carried Away By The Christmas Spirit
“We love a happy shopper, but best not to shop online when too full of the mulled wine, Christmas spirit(s), or leftover eggnog. Yule be sorry! There might be some regretful purchases in the morning and big unnecessary hole in your bank balance!”

Bah Humbug
“Online shopkeepers are just the same as real life shopkeepers and the customer is ALWAYS right! Look for sites with live online help for speedier responses.”

Christmas Can Come Early

New shoppers at IloveCashBack.Com will receive £5 cashback on any first purchase.

Downloading the I.E web add on can earn shoppers £50 (T&Cs apply)

A vote for the site in the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards can win shoppers £1,000

ILoveCashback is the UK’s first and only site to offer triple savings through price comparison, voucher codes and cashback rewards, combined. The site offers the most advanced yet easy-to-use price busting tools on the net and is helping thousands of shoppers beat prices on the high street.

ILoveCashback features more than 8 million products and 10,000 voucher codes from over 1,000 leading online retailers and is set to become a powerful force in the UK online shopping market. Shoppers can hunt for a specific item, chosen brand or selected store, find unbeatable deals while earning cashback rewards. The rewards can be withdrawn to a bank account, saved on site or donated to charities including Oxfam, the World Wildlife Fund and Cancer Research UK. ILoveCashback is a world first for online shopping a must-visit destination for confirmed bargain hunters. ILoveCashback will forever change the way people shop.

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