Lose A Dress Size Naturally Before Christmas

If you’re still struggling to fit into your party dress or would like to lose an inch or two from your waistline before Christmas, there’s a new, natural supplement which can help.

30days™ Inch Loss Solution uses a unique beta glucan and herbal combination that is a major breakthrough in providing a natural and healthy inch loss solution. It has been taking Scandinavia, Holland and Eastern Europe by storm is now newly launched in the UK. It has rapidly become the leading food supplement in every country it has launched with some amazing results, providing an effortless way of losing and inch or two in just 30 days….

It is clinically proven to reduce the waistline. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, presented at the International Congress on Abdominal Obesity in January 2010 showed that many of those who took the 30days™ Waistline tablets lost one to two sizes over the course of 30 days. (One ‘size’ roughly corresponds to 1 inch/2.5 cm.) The majority of the test subjects lost at least one size around the waist and abdomen. [1]

30days™ has been developed to directly target the dangerous fat around the stomach area using a unique combination of Beta 1,3-1,6 glucan, scientifically proven to nutritionally modulate the immune system, a blend of carefully chosen herbal extracts, which help to regulate digestion whilst enhancing the body's ability to excrete waste matter and a mild yet effective Magnesium Hydroxide Colon cleanser.

Beta glucans are clinically proven to prime key immune cells that help keep the body healthy and can also help maintain energy, vitality and mental clarity during periods of physical or lifestyle stress They have also been proven to reduce inflammation, a factor clinically shown to have a direct impact on fat build up. These health benefits are delivered without over stimulating the immune system. The herbal extracts used in the 30days™ Waistline product have been carefully selected for their ability to assist with detoxification, functionality of the digestive system, reduction of stress and boosts to the immune system among others.

Studies indicate that the different ingredients in 30days™ stimulate a protein that increases the metabolism. This protein is found in tummy fat and is why 30days™ seems to be particularly effective on large stomachs. The removal of waste products is an important part of losing weight. 30days™ cleans the liver and kidneys. It boosts the immune system so that the amount of mucous, cellulites and surplus fluids in the dermis around the stomach is considerably reduced.

Dr Paul Clayton, Consultant, IFBB, Oxford Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, BiotheraPharma, comments on the 30days™ Inch Loss Solution “Beta glucans derived from yeast are the most potent immuno-modulators known, and although we don't yet know how they might enhance abdominal fat loss, it is likely that the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is involved. Stress may also play a role. Stress can lead to increased eating, altered micro-flora of the gut, and indeed a range of hormonal and metabolic changes; the beta glucans reduce stress, so these are three more plausible and testable mechanisms. These are not mutually exclusive explanations, in fact they may all be contributing to the reported effects of 30 Days.”

The 30days™ Waistline is complemented by 30days™ Colon Cleanser. 30days™ Colon Cleanser is agentle yet highly effective colon cleanser containing a unique combination of magnesium hydroxide, vitamin C, Korean mint and bioflavonoids.

Dr Bob Lister, who has trained in Clinical Pharmacology, is a Chartered Biologist and a consultant in nutritional and dietary supplements comments: “30days™is formulated using magnesium hydroxide, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. The magnesium hydroxide has a laxative effect by drawing water into the bowel to promote regular function and to soften the stools. This also reduces water retention and bloating, a common problem for many women. Bioflavanoids help with the absorption of the vitamin C, an essential anti-oxidant that helps to maintain the integrity of the bowel wall. 30Days™ also helps to encourage the release of a hormone in the gut called cholecystokinin which has been shown to improve peristalsis (bowel motility). Magnesium is also associated with good muscle tone in the body, therefore improving bowel peristalsis and elimination.”

“There are three main types of products that help to aid bowel function. Fibre-based products, such as psyllium and bran, which increase bulk to stimulate bowel movements; plant-based laxatives such as Cascara and Aloes which ‘irritate’ the gut so that it expels the contents; and cleansers based on magnesium chloride which has an osmotic effect, absorbing water in the bowels to ‘soften’ the stool.” Irritant laxatives should only be taken for a limited period. If our bowels are not emptied regularly, they can accumulate waste which contains toxins and prevent nutrients from being properly absorbed. It also interferes with the good bacteria in the gut and allows harmful bacteria to thrive. None of these are beneficial to our overall health.

“From the evidence from both anecdotal studies and from what we know about the action of magnesium hydroxide, vitamin C and bioflavonoids, we can conclude that 30days™ Colon Cleanser has a beneficial effect on intestinal and digestive function. I would recommend it particularly for those who suffer from bloating, acid reflux, stomach acidity and constipation because it has a gentle, laxative effect but doesn’t interfere with the natural healthy functioning of the bowel.”

New 30days™ Colon Cleanser helps you jump start your weight loss program by eliminating kilos of impacted waste and when used with 30days™ Waistline can help achieve a significant reduction of the dangerous fat around the waist, leading to a new, slimmer, you. The 30days™ Inch Loss Solution not only helps reshape your body, it can have excellent benefits on your overall health too. It retails at £49.98 for 30 days supply of the 30days™ Waistline and 30days™ Colon Cleanser and is available from or call 0843 289 7227.

Norwegian sitcom star Brit Elisabeth Haagensli lost 2 dress sizes in just 30 days using 30days™ and a double-blind placebo controlled study shows that many of the participants lost one, two, three or more sizes after trialling 30days™  for 30 days (one “size” equals about 1 inch or 2,5 cm). The majority of the test subjects lost at least one size around the waist and abdomen. [1]

Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole are said to use Colon Cleansers.


[1]Two recent studies performed at the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA (according to the periodical Natura 2006; 444:1027-31).


120 tablets of 1120mg each. containing:

E460i, E341b, 1,3 -1,6 beta D-glucans (Saccharomyses erevisiae) Extracts of Artichock, Liquorish root, Dandelion root, Milk thistle seed, Rosea Rhodiola, Schisandra, Lubricant E470b, E551, E464 & E570, E171.


2 tablets  every morning and evening.

Do not exceed maximum recommended dosage (4 tablets per day).

Do not replace a healthy diet with food supplements

Other tips for losing weight

Many overweight people are allergic towards sugar, wheat flour, potatoes and dairy products, often without knowing. If intake of these foodstuffs is reduced to a minimum, the waistline will reduce both quicker and more permanently. White bread can be placed with rye products and cow’s milk can be replaced with Soya.

About Beta Glucans

Beta glucans are a form of soluble fibre composed of polysaccharides that occur in plants as cellulose, in bran, certain fungus, baker’s yeast, mushrooms and bacteria.

Beta glucan is a scientifically proven biological defence modifier (BDM) that nutritionally potentiates and modulates the immune response. As a supplement, after swallowing orally, Beta glucan is ingested primarily through macrophage and dendritic immune cells, to nutritionally and safely yield, through immune response potentiation and modulation, in many instances various therapeutic healing effects generated by the immune cells.  For many years Glucans have been investigated (History) for these immune enhancing properties, particularly their ability to activate macrophage immune cells and NK-Cells, plus in turn, the T-Cells, and B-Cells including selected cytokines and complement.

Poly-branched B-1,3-(D)-Glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides, with or without B-1,6-(D)-glucose side chains, that are integral cell wall constituents in a variety of bacteria, plants and fungi. Glucan receptors to deliver non-self derived glucan to the immune response have been identified on macrophages, dendritic cells and other cells. The Beta-1,3-(D)-glucan with Beta- 1,6-glucan linkage extracted from yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) has been shown to act as a potent non-specific immune-activator.

Particulate insoluble beta glucan is the glucan form in nutritional dietary supplements such as 30days™, while soluble glucans are primarily utilized in pharmaceutical applications. 


Dr Paul Clayton 

Consultant, IFBB, Oxford

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, BiotheraPharma

Dr Bob ListerBSc (Hons), PhD,CBiol, FBS, FRSM, FLMU

Chairman of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London Metropolitan University.

Gary Lester– Advanced Massage & Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner

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