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How To Tell When A Piece Of Furniture Needs Replacing

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that furniture lasts a lot longer than it actually does. The truth is, the lifespan of a piece of furniture is determined by a range of factors. These include how it’s built, the way that it’s treated, and what type of piece it is. A lot of us tend to presume that furniture has an unlimited lifespan, but that’s not the case. Over time, constant use can impact the ‘health’ of our furniture. Meaning that eventually, most pieces will need replacing.

The question is, of course, how do you determine when it’s time to invest in new pieces of furniture? To make it easier to determine when items need replacing, below are some of the signs to look out for that a piece of furniture is past it’s best.

The sofa: Sofas are made to last between seven and 15 years, depending on how well they’re designed. As well as, the type of material that they have covering them. You see, material sofas don’t tend to last as long as leather sofas, as they get stained more easily, and also, tend to rip more easily. Whereas leather sofas tend to last longer because the material is easier to keep clean and is more durable. A tell-tale sign that a sofa is in need of replacing is sagging seats or stained and ripped material.

Your mattress: The majority of mattresses last between five and ten years, regardless of what they’re made of. However, it’s recommended that you replace your mattress every eight years. The most common signs that your mattress needs replacing are being able to feel the springs and noticing sagging. The three most popular types of mattresses are memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, and water beds. If you’re going to replace your old mattress, it’s worth reading up on your replacement options. Resources like John Ryan by Design’s memory foam mattresses guide can be useful for this, as they give you all the information that you need.

Carpet: How long carpet will last, depends on the quality of the carpet. For example, low quality, cheap carpets tend to last for between one and five years. While high-end carpets can last between ten and 25 years. When it comes to carpet, the more you’re willing to invest, the longer it will last you. Tell-tale signs that your carpet needs replacing include staining, bald areas, and areas of carpet that have become stiff.

Pillows: Pillows can last for between six months and three years, depending on what they’re used for and how they’re taken care of. Throw pillows tend to last longer than pillows used for sleeping, as they get used less. These can last for between two and five years, as long as they’re taken care of, that is. As a rule of thumb, all pillows should be washed once a month, to keep them clean and help extend their lifespan. When a pillow starts to lose its plumpness or become misshapen, this is a sign that it needs replacing.

So there you have it, how to tell when different pieces of furniture need replacing.

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