Vital Home Renovation Plans You Need To Nail Down (Not Literally)

A home renovation is a very busy period for any home owner. When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to know what direction you’re heading in. Juggling finances, the specifics of the project and timescales is enough for anyone. So here are the things that you need to get nailed down before. The bones of the plan that are going to make the process itself go just that little bit smoother.

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One of the big problems of any renovation is that people go into it without fully understanding what they want from it. Identifying and prioritising those goals is an essential part of being able to be more fluid in the middle of development. For example, consider which changes to your home are needs versus wants. If selling the home is a priority, then adding more living space might be a need whilst refitting the kitchen could be a want. After all, few plans go perfectly without a hitch. You might need to downsize your ambitions and to do that, you need to know what fat can be trimmed from the proposed changes. Figure out your needs before you start tearing down any walls.


Renovations are costly. That should come as no surprise. But those costs can be a lot more devastating if you haven’t planned for them. Your financial plans need to start with a budget. You have to take a look at the money you can really put towards the project and decide how much is going to every step of it. Failing to budget can mean running out of money, early. That’s how you end up with an unfinished home and a DIY nightmare. You should also put some money aside for dealing with emergencies and extra costs. Then you need to be savvy about sourcing the different materials and tools you need for the home. For instance, don’t rely on your contractors to source everything. Consider getting in touch with builders merchants yourself. You might get a better deal for it.


Any work to be done on your home is a huge deal. It involves a lot of money as well as your safety and comfort for the future to come. We all know there are plenty of cowboys out there, too. So to make sure you get the end result you deserve, you need to be discerning with the team you choose to do the work on your home. To find a good builder, you need to look at the evidence that supports them. Make sure they have proper accreditations and see they’re qualified. Then go a step further and ask if you can contact their past clients. Trustworthy builders have whole lists of previous customers to share. Talk to inspectors, as well, to get an impartial third party account on the matter.

Planning is essential to starting and actually finishing a project. Don’t neglect those important considerations of the end goal, the finances and the people involved. That’s likely to lead to a disastrous end. We hope the points above help you turn those renovation ideas into a plan that’s as smooth as it can be.

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