How to Protect Your Car Insurance Prices

Car insurance prices for new drivers and those who have recently suffered an accident can be steep. If you are thinking whether or not you can afford to have a car and want to make sure that you are offered the best prices possible, you might want to prove that you are a safe driver to your insurance company. Below you will find a few tips on how to get the best deals and save money on your car insurance.

Stay Safe At All Times

You might want to become more safety-conscious. Even a small dent on your car can increase your premiums, so practice before you reverse into narrow spaces and get an advanced driving course. This will be taken into consideration by many companies as a bonus, and automatically reduce the price you are offered.

Record Your Driving Style

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Some car insurance companies are happy to give you a chance to prove how safe a driver you are. If you are ready for the challenge, you might want to install an app that will monitor how you handle different situations, so you can get a discount on your premium. Remember that – if your insurance company doesn’t know you – the price will be determined by the average risk your demographic represents, and not your own driving skills and experience.

Get a Dash Camera

To avoid being blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might want to invest in a dash camera. It will cost you less than a few months’ premium, and help you prove your right when it comes to it. A dash camera can also be monitored remotely, so you are alerted when someone tries to steal or break into your car.

Don’t Get a Joint Car Insurance with Risk Takers

You will sometimes need to distance yourself from people who can make you pay more for your insurance. If your partner has recently hit a post in the parking lot, or your mother had an accident, it might be cheaper to go out alone and get a single policy. You don’t want other people’s risk taking driving style increase your own car insurance.

Make Sure Your New Company Accepts Your No Claims Discount

If you have already looked at the prices online, such as and found some reasonable offers, you have to check whether or not the company allows you to transfer your no claims discount from your other insurance company. If they accept this, you can get additional discounts. You should know that not all companies will take into consideration your no claims discounts you acquired on a joint policy.

Whether you are a new and inexperienced driver or have suffered an accident recently, you might have seen your car insurance premiums increase. If you are not happy with the price you were offered, you have several ways of improving your quote; by shopping around, proving that you are a safe driver, or improving your driving skills.

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