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Home Security – The Smart Way

In the old days, when we knew our neighbours well and there was a stronger sense of community, I think we all felt a little bit safer and more secure. Knowing your neighbours meant there were always people keeping an eye out for you and yours, and I think that’s sorely missed these days.

There are an estimated half a million forced entry break-ins every year in the UK each year, that’s one every minute! Technology is a double-edged sword – we have more and more of it in our homes, and a lot of it is valuable, small and an easy target for thieves. If we compare the contents of our home to that of our parents’ generation, we will find that we have a lot more valuable items and what we do have is smaller and lighter.

But innovation also brings smart, clever and inherently more affordable solutions to keeping our homes and belongings secure. The market seems almost flooded with different options and the choice can seem baffling at first. Are you a tech-savvy individual who will use the IoT and connected devices to monitor your home, or do you prefer old-fashioned, physical security measures? Do you avoid smart home devices over concerns about personal privacy, or do those concerns come second to your worries about keeping your valuables safe? Whichever you’re happier with, or whether you adopt a belt and braces approach and will use both, we’ve been road testing lots of different ways to help improve security so that you don’t have to become another one of the statistics.

We have been trying out connected security cameras, ways of marking your dumb security products smart, door locks, safes, smart doorbells and more. However you want to start to improve security in your home this year and whatever your budget, we hope there is something that will give you peace of mind and keep your valuable possessions that bit safer.

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