Alex and Alexa Stoy Wooden Vet Set Review

Wooden Vet Set

Reviewed by Julie Powell

We were very lucky to receive the wonderful Stoy Wooden Vet Set from Alex and Alexa to review. I have two super imaginative little boys who just love anything that is small world play so I just knew that this would be right up their street and that they would get many hours of play with it.

The vet set is excellently packaged in a lovely grey fabric zipped rectangular bag with a white cross on the front. The bag is very lightweight, sturdy and easy for little hands to carry around between patients (or victims). Within the set you get 7 beautifully grey/natural wood coloured wooden vets instruments which to play with which are a stethoscope, syringe which retracts, thermometer, reflex hammer, scissors, pill pot, tube of cream. You also get 2 animal x-ray cards, a medical report card, a vet’s badge with space for your child’s name and an appointment card. The instruments are excellently made and make a welcome change from the usual plastic medical sets that I’ve seen for several years in shops.

I handed the boys the vets set as a lovely surprise on a rather yucky rainy day to try and entertain them and it definitely did the trick – within minutes my lounge was transformed into a fully functional working veterinary surgery we had every stuffed animal in our house all lined up ready to see the vet and his assistant these poor animals had a multitude of symptoms and all needed expert care and with the tools provided they were all as right as reign in no time.

Even though this set is described as a vet set, I would say that it very easily would double up as a doctor’s set too and the boys soon started treated me – apparently I had irritable hip and needed to rest for the rest of the day (sadly they soon forgot the advice they had given me and my rest lasted all of 30 minutes).

As Easter is soon approaching this vet set would make a wonderful alternative present as an alternative to a chocolate Easter egg, it would definitely last much longer than an egg as it would provide them with many hours of entertainment especially over the bank holiday weekend and is far healthier (just maybe not for the poor animals visiting the make belief vets surgery or parents attending the doctors as some of the diagnosis at my house were rather quite worrying!).

I would say the only negative to the set is that the medical report and appointment cards can only be used once, so I have had to print some off myself but my 4 year old is just learning to write so therefore is very interested in filling out one of these for each patient but for those with younger children who aren’t yet into reading and writing then this might not be such an issue for them so this is why I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £19

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